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Active Campaign

Active Campaign is a cloud based Software-as-a-Service that provides customer experience automation software that can be used by clients to provide better personalized care for their customers. Its features are:-

  • Marketing Automation
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Automation
  • Sales Engagement
  • Personalization


Active Campaign is a customer experience automation software. It’s a cloud-based customer experience automation software that clients can use to offer better personalized care to their customers. It allows clients to automate various different things required to give the customers better personalized services. Active Campaign was founded in 2003 by Jason VandeBoom in Chicago, Illinois, USA. It is trusted by companies like 



Customers nowadays expect clients to provide them with one-to-one experiences even when they are shopping online. However, delivering one-to-one services is not easy for clients, as customers encounter a lot of generic services and desire something better. Clients can utilize Active Campaign’s personalization dashboard to generate personalized content for every customer, enabling customers to enjoy truly personalized experiences. ActiveCampaign can guarantee to provide all customers with unique experience giving customers a better feeling towards clients’ Brand. It collects all the data on the customer’s life allowing it to provide non repeating content to customers by collecting best content, send time and delivery channel for customers allowing the clients to create entirely customized campaigns with minimal effort.


Marketing Automation:

Marketing Automation is a process that allows clients to automate repetitive tasks, enabling clients to free up more time for essential activities. For marketing automation clients gather all the data of their customers allowing them to provide better services to their customers. Clients can use gathered data to create a personalized list of customers, marking all the likes and dislikes of each specific customer. With marketing Automation clients can distribute customers into several groups and automatically send email and SMS to customers allowing them to see the Brand advertisement.  

To do marketing automation clients need to use automation maps that can create automation links allowing clients to have better control over their digital marketing space. A single dashboard provides all the necessary requirements for clients and allows them to manage their Brand effectively. Clients can create new or modify automation from the dashboard allowing them to have a better effect on the customers. From the dashboard, clients can view the connections between automations and update existing automations. ActiveCampaign can also furnish clients with analytic reports that clients can utilize to adjust their strategy.

Clients can complete their goals trying to increase lead or capture through the automation of email marketing. Clients can check which target has achieved their goals and who has not completed their goals. By finding these clients can send them email or sms marketing which has targeted different customers in different ways. Active Campaign collects all the data about every customer allowing clients to send targeted email or sms showing advertising. 



  1. Clients can take previous email as a template to create new email.


  1. The user interface is complicated and requires an experienced user.



Clients can use Active Campaign, a cloud-based customer experience automation software, to provide customers with more personalized experiences. It is suitable for small and medium-sized businesses that aim to enhance customer experiences.



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