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AiTrillon is a Software-as-a-Service that provides an Artificial Intelligence Based Marketing platform for e-commerce merchants. Some of its features are:-

  • Email Marketing
  • Web Push Notification
  • Workflow Automation
  • Form Builder
  • Smart Pop up


AiTrillion is an Artificial intelligence powered market automation platform that allows clients to automatically collect large amounts of reviews from customers that buy clients products. Manoj Dhanotiya and Sachin Dhanotiya founded it in 2018 in Claymont, Delaware, United States. It has earned the trust of companies such as Crocs, Aakash, Insect Sales.com, Port Fashion, Matts, Valentine Wig, Katys Boutique, and many more.


Product Reviews and Ratings:

Product reviews and ratings is an important source for customers to verify the products information allowing them to know more about products from the customers that have already bought the products. Users can give reviews in various types such as text, images, or videos to describe the products. Clients can ask customers for reviews allowing them to provide many reviews from different products. When customers buy products, the clients’ automated workflow for requesting reviews enables them to gather various reviews from their customers. It sends email, SMS and other types of notification to customers asking them to provide review and rating for the products that they have bought which can help other customers make decisions about the products. Clients can also import product reviews and ratings from other ecommerce websites allowing them to have a large number of positive ratings and reviews for their products.



Many times customers add products to cart but they don’t buy the products at the end which lead to cart abandonment by the customers. AiTrillion provides reviews to customers even in their shopping carts. It can make customers more willing to buy the products decreasing the cart abandonment by the customers. Clients can also provide recommendations of similar products to customers in their shopping cart. Allowing them to upsell their others products. AiTrillon allows clients to capture unique insight from the customers using targeted feedback. It allow clients to have better understanding of their customers. Also clients can easily collect the user generated content form various social media websites allowing them manage their online user generated content. 

With the use of products reviews and rating clients can make their website increase their SEO ranking in google allowing more customers to see their website during the search for the products that are on clients websites allowing clients to increase the number of conversions and increase the profit of websites. 


Product Recommendation:

When customers want to purchase a product from the e-commerce website. They search for the product in their search engine to quickly find it and complete the transaction. Clients can provide recommendations to customers on the bias of what they search. Allowing them to see more products of the same type. Based on what customers are searching for, clients can also provide product recommendations. By considering products that are frequently purchased alongside the customer’s desired product. These recommendations may rely on the customer’s past purchase history, the contents of their shopping cart, or any special products relevant to their geographic location.

Clients can also use AiTrillion to analyze customers’ purchase history and browsing behavior. Enabling them to send automated email recommendations for products that customers are likely to buy. AiTrillion analytics is a real-time analytics system that provides clients with more information about their customers. It allow them to increase the customers experiences, boost customer retention and increase customer engagement. Clients can recommend products that customers are currently searching for. And they can also share products that are selling well along with the ones customers are searching for.



  1. It provides many features at small prices.


  1. Its user interface is complicated and takes time to learn.



Clients can use AiTrillion, a marketing automation platform, to manage their ecommerce websites. It offers various features that businesses can utilize to easily manage and expand their operations.



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