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Akeneo PIM

It is a Product Information Management System that provides clients with the way to manage their products and catalogs. Its features are:

  • Automate Manual Tasks
  • Manage Digital Assets
  • Be Truly Omnichannel
  • Optimize for Data Quality
  • Govern your Data


Akeneo is a Product Information Management Software that helps clients to execute, manage, share, and gather information regarding their products from different sources and give their customer all the information they require on any product. It was founded in 2013 by Frédéric de Gombert, Benoit Jacquemont, Nicolas Dupont and Yoav Kutner in Nantes, France. It is trusted by companies like Franklin Electric, Fossil, MYER, Staples, Kurt Geiger, Forever 21, Rural King, City Furniture, etc.


Manage Digital Assets:

For any brand their digital assets are important as they show the value of brands to all customers. Managing digital assets is required to make sure that brand values are consistent throughout the clients and their partners channels allowing them to give customers the same experience on all channels of brands. It can help brands develop loyal users allowing brands to have an increase in sales. 



Using Akeneo Digital Assets Manager clients can gather their digital assets together allowing for easy management of the asset. Clients can share their digital assets with their partners to make the brand experience the same, allowing customers to have the same experiences on the channels of clients and his partners which will increase the confidence of customers to shop for goods on all the channels without worrying that the product they are purchasing is not original.

Clients can use Akeneo Digital Assets manager to manage various types of files like GIF, images, videos, Documents, etc. The assets manager has the ability to generate links for the files stored within it. Clients can then utilize these links to easily share files with their partners using a single link. Users and their partners can directly embed the files from assets manager to their websites allowing consistency in the Brand selling channels. Clients can update the image directly from the assets manager allowing them to increase the work efficiency.


Automate Manual Tasks:

There are a lot of tasks that are just repeating the same work over and over again but it requires a lot of manpower and time of employees which results in low productivity of the employees decreasing the efficiency of clients teams. With Akeneo Product Information Management system clients can automate redundant and menial tasks allowing employees to do work with higher efficiency. Clients have the option to provide rules and guidelines that employees can use to automate bulk product variant tasks. Employees can manage product variants like size, color or material for large amounts of products with automation resulting in increased efficiency of employees.       


Be Truly Omnichannel:

Akeneo Product Information Management system gathers the data of different products from different channels through the internet. Which can be used by clients to have complete data of any product they want to sell. It also allows clients to send the data to different channels with the given guideline and rules as most of the different channels have different requirements for the products. Clients can manage all the data for various e-commerce sites, print catalog, send mails, manage dealers and distributors, allowing clients to do all the work on the single platform. It maintains a record of all encountered errors across different channels. Enabling the precise resolution of issues that arise in various channels.


Optimize for Data Quality:  

In a Product Information Management system. Data quality emerges as a pivotal factor indicating product qualification and suitability for display across diverse channels. Customers can see different products in different channels allowing them to have better understanding of products in different partner channels. Akeneo Product information management allows clients to gather high quality data. Which free their hands from product description management which results in them to quickly upload new products to the database. It also comes with advanced features like spell-check, wide language coverage, and additional key indicators to deliver better product services to anywhere you are selling.


Govern your Data:

With Akeneo Product Information Management clients can keep track of all the products and catalogs. Allowing them to roll back to the last version if there is any problem with the current version of products. Clients can keep watch of all the changes made to any product or catalogs structure by anyone given permission to change them. Clients can give various permission to different team members according to their need of work. Which allow them to increase their efficiency and keep the data safe by not letting people to don’t need to work on data make changes to data.  



  1. It has an easy to use User Interface.
  2. It has a flexible and customizable rule system.


  1. Gap in pricing between different versions.
  2. Bulk updates can only update a single value of products like product status. Attribute cannot be upgraded in a single bulk update.



It is a good Product Information management system which can help clients manage large amounts of products. Its free function can help small businesses start their online business easily. It is good for small and large businesses. 



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