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Altium 365

Altium 365 is a cloud-based platform that integrates PCB design, MCAD, data management, supply chain, and manufacturing all in one place. Its features are:-

  • Digital Design Review and Markup
  • Data Management and Version Control
  • Library Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Manufacturing Collaboration
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Altium 365 is a electronics product design platform. It is a multinational company founded in Australia in 1985 as Protel Systems Pty Ltd by Nicholas Martin. He wanted to transfer the electronics design to the PC platform. The first product was launched in 1985 to work in DOS- a based printed circuit board (PCB). The first window version was in 1991. The Company changed its name from Protel Systems to Altium in 2001.

In Altium 365, we can complete the design of PCBs from starting to ending of the project. It allows us to collaborate with others to work on the same design at the same time. We can import the product design needed by our product to check the compatibility of the finished product; we can also export the finished products to the manufacturer directly in a single file.  

It has a cloud-based workspace that allows designers to store their data on the cloud securely; they can use it on any web-based browser from anywhere.

Altium 365 has integrated all products of Altium to provide more powerful design capability.


Starting with Altium 365

The default place for installations is \Program Files\Altium\AD23

When starting Altium on the top left we can see Files, View, Project, Windows, and Help options. On the top right corner, we can see options for search, minimize, maximize, closing window, and sign in for workspace. Sign In will allow you to connect to a cloud workspace where we can store data; either use it or share it when you need it from cloud space.



Import Your Project 

Click the file in the top left corner a drop-down menu will appear from which we need to select open, which will open a window where we can select the project file from the computer and import the design to work in Altium 365. 

There is a content section on the left side; that will open all the design drawings from the selected project allowing Altium 365 to make changes to the design. 



Cloud workspace 

We can upload projects into the cloud workspace, where we can store, edit, and collaborate with other teams to complete the project. Cloud Workspace allows users to bring more from Altium 365 than only using Altium 365. 

 We can also migrate the library to the workspace. To do this, go to file, then select the option Library Migrator, which transfers the integrated library to the workspace. After selecting the library migrator, a window will be opened, select the + option which will be displayed on the top left corner of the new window. Selecting this will result in the opening of a window where we can select the file we need to migrate. It will automatically scan and validate the components and sort them into folders. We can change the name of files in the new library if we want.  





Project Online

We can make any project we work on in Altium to be available online. Select the project with a right; click then select the option of Make Project Available Online.



This project will be synced to the workspace and can be opened in any place through web Browsers.



We can directly open a project from the workspace once a project is saved on it. 



  1. Can work from anywhere without making multiple versions of the same project.
  2. The design rules are extensive and can keep you from making almost any mistakes.
  3. It can help in identifying problematic components.   


  1. Online viewers can’t see the bottom without moving the mouse 180 degrees.
  2. During the collaboration, we can only comment on other work; there is no real-time option.
  3. There are crashes if computer hardware does not match.



Altium 365 works online and offline as we need to install its software which can help us not only work in one system. We can do work in an office and upload data to the cloud and when we are at home we can download data from the home computer system to check or work on it as needed.


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