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Aprimo is Software-as-a-Service that provides Digital Asset Management and Market Resource Management in a single platform. It has the following Features :-

  • Intuitive Collaboration, Workflow, and Resource Management
  • Automated Project Management Elevates Marketing Agility
  • Complete Content and Campaign Performance Insights
  • AI-Powered Content Optimization
  • Automate Marketing Budgets & Expense Management
  • Content Collaboration and Productivity


Aprimo is a Digital Assets Management company that can be used by clients to manage, create and distribute their digital assets to different partners or use them for marketing purposes. Bill Godfrey founded it in 1998 in Indiana, USA. Companies such as Bank of America, AT&T, AARP, Sweaty Betty, Pacific Life, BoConcept, among others, place their trust in it.


Digital Asset Management:

Aprimo digital asset management allows clients to gather all their digital data into a single platform allowing them to find the data they are looking for faster and easier. Digital assets cloud based platforms allow clients team members to work on their project from anywhere with just an internet connection or collaborate with their partners and other content creators in the single platform allowing them to create content faster and send it for marketing faster. It comes with various integrations that can be used by clients to integrate different software to their Cloud based digital assets. 



Aprimo has the capability to generate external links for various assets. These links can be seamlessly integrated into websites or any other platforms requiring content sourced from the digital assets library. This empowers clients to oversee their digital assets integrated across diverse websites and social media platforms, all through a unified dashboard. Additionally, clients can edit and modify their embedded digital assets as needed. Aprimo provides support for various different types of files allowing clients to upload all the files they need.   



AI-Powered Content Optimization:

Aprimo, powered by artificial intelligence, serves as a digital assets manager that enables clients to harness AI algorithms for streamlining tasks and automating project-related activities that are amenable to automation. Through AI-driven auto tag generators, the digital assets uploaded by clients receive automatic tagging with relevant meta tags, facilitating quicker searches when needed. Clients can leverage Aprimo’s artificial intelligence capabilities to optimize the value of their digital assets, thereby enabling them to repurpose previous content to craft enhanced new content. Clients can auto set the image size for different types of social media or places that require special image size allowing clients to automate the process of image resigning or cropping allowing them to work faster.    




Brand Portal and Guidelines:

Every brand has their own unique font, Colors, and various other things that make a brand unique allowing customers a unique impression of any brand. Clients have the ability to generate a range of templates incorporating brand colors, fonts, and other essential elements. The client’s digital asset management system makes it achievable to integrate all content within the portal. Templates allow clients teams to create content with templates as bases which can assure that the brand font, color, etc will remain the same and the brand won’t have problems showing other colors or fonts in various marketing campaigns. 



Clients can employ Aprimo to establish their own Brand portal, accessible to the public. This platform enables diverse users to visit the site and access a range of marketing or digital assets in accordance with the client’s preferences. These portals serve as a means for clients to present publicly available content. It also grant users an improved comprehension of the client’s brand. Integrating all content within the portal is achievable through the client’s digital asset management system.

Both clients and their partners can easily utilize this solution, fostering collaboration in managing various marketing data and content creation. These content creators can function as templates, ensuring heightened content consistency and enabling brands to uphold their distinct brand personality.

For sharing original digital assets with websites, clients can utilize Aprimo’s public link feature. This facilitates the free downloading of content by users. Additionally, the platform includes cropping and trimming functionalities, enabling clients to adjust image sizes to suit their specific needs.


Content Collaboration:

Creating content creators can not sit behind closed doors and make projects. Clients can effectively utilize Aprimo to enable their creators to collaborate with partners within a single dashboard, regardless of location. This functionality empowers them to generate superior content more rapidly, consequently accelerating the speed at which content reaches the market. Clients can collaborate with their various partners allowing clients to keep their brand consistency. Even if there are different partners in various places all can use brand basic color, font, etc. Clients can collaborate with their partners and can ask for the approval of various changes made in content. In the same dashboard allowing the clients to have better knowledge of the content. 



  1. Its cloud based user interface is easy to use.


  1. Canvas Workflows are not easy to learn.



Clients can utilize Aprimo as a cloud-based digital asset management system to enhance the management of their digital assets. Companies or individuals seeking digital asset management services can employ it for their needs.



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