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Aurora solar is a cloud-based software that enterprises can use to streamline complex and costly manual processes. Its feature:-

  • AI-powered 3D solar estimate
  • Automated site model and panel placement
  • LIDAR-based shade analysis
  • Automatic system design
  • NEC validation reports
  • Data privacy technology


Aurora Solar is a Software-as-a-Services Providing the clients with sophisticated Solar Panel design by using aerial imagery. It was founded in 2013 by Christopher Hopper and Samuel Adeyemo. Its headquarters is located in San Francisco, California, United States. It is trusted and used by companies like Zolar, Sunnova, Sunpower, Sunpro, Namaste Solar etc.


Aurora Solar Customized Proposals:    

Aurora Solar allows clients to create customized proposals for any project with the comfort of an office. It helps clients to make quality estimates for the solar projects by using aerial imaging. It helps the clients to  make accurate estimates allowing them to give customers with the project plan which is in line with customers’ needs. Aurora can show the sun direction and other weather related data of the projects. It allow clients and customers to make the choice required by them to make the perfect solar project for their needs.


It allows clients to make interactive web proposals allowing customers to interact with the proposals even after customers have gone home or we have left their home. 


Aurora AI: 

Aurora solar uses Artificial intelligence software to design the 3D model for the clients which allows them to give their customers a visual experience of what the real thing will be like once completed. This allows the clients to give customers more interactive experiences allowing them to close more deals. These designs can be changed in real-time to meet the needs of customers allowing them to change the layout of design as required.


Aurora AI provides services for its design plane allowing clients to have high accuracy when making projects for simple or complex terrain or roof of building. It uses a nearmap imagery function to allow clients to make product designs allowing them to make complex designs.

Its LIDAR function allows the clients to see the effect of light and shade near the working environment and effectively see which area is receiving enough sunlight to put up the solar panel. 


Lead Capture AI:

Aurora solar allows the clients to manage their leads directly into Aurora solar allowing the clients to only need one place to manage their customers.   



Clients can ask targeted questions from customers to give them better experience and provide them with solutions that they require, allowing them to have better experience. The customers can be provided with a targeted personalized design plan which they can interact with by zooming to see better, changing the location of panels if there’s extra space. Aurora solar AI can provide clients with accurate estimates with required information. It allow customers to actually see the cost and saving of the projects. It also provides environmental saving done during the project.


Aurora Plan Set Services:  

Aurora gives easy-to-use intake forms allowing clients’ workforce to quickly collect all information required by clients to make designs for solar projects from customers allowing them to quickly complete their preliminary work of gathering data. It can take the data from the intake form and populate the design drawing of the solar panel. It allow the clients and customers to see the data quickly. Uploaded photos allow the aurora to make up for any defect of data.


Aurora allows clients to increase the scale of business by providing them with large number of plans set for solarworks. Clients can take all the work they can let aurora solar work on them. It does not affect the work efficiency of clients workforce or increasing it under limited circumstances. All the plans set of aurora are AHJ compliances. Which allow clients to only focus on work and leave the rest to aurora AI.

Aurora allows integration of different software required in the field like CAD into its Dashboard. Allowing the clients to work on them from the same platform. It increase the speed by which the project is completed and increasing clients revenue.



  1. Its powerful visualization allows customers to have interest in the project from the start.


  1. It does not allow editing of data in lidar and sun shading. We can only upload photos to make it work.



It is an excellent software that provides solar venders with various features. It features allows them to complete their task in most easy and efficient ways.




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