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It provides clients with a platform on which they can collect and display several types of user-generated content on their e-commerce websites. Its features are:

  • Reviewer Validation
  • Retail Syndication
  • Insights and Reports
  • Social Publishing
  • Visual & Social Content
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Bazaarvoice is a Product Reviews platform that helps clients to collect and display User Generated Content on their websites. It provides clients with their product-passionate community, and enterprise-level technology that can help them to give their customers smarter shopper experiences across the entire journey. Brett Hurt and Brant Barton founded it in Austin, Texas, in 2005. Companies like Turtle Wax, AT&T, Coles, Auchan, Argos, Petsmart, Woolworths, and others trust it.


Collect Content:

When clients need to launch new products they make ads and run them on various channels which can help more people know about what they are waiting to launch. But many customers do not believe the ads as many times there are elements of exaggerating about the product in the ads. Bazaarvoice helps clients by letting them find the perfect customer to give their products for sampling, who will use the product in daily life and will write about the product in reviews by written content, images or videos. This can get clients many positive reviews before the launch of products and customers can get sources of information that they can trust. This will increase the number of customers coming for pre-ordering or buying after the launch of products.



Clients’ need for new content for their core product comes from losing their position in the search ranking which can affect the sales of their products resulting in the loss of revenue. Bazaarvoice allows them to get new user generated content form their customers and help them index the user generated content allowing them to maintain visibility in the search engine. They can send the reviews collected by Bazaarvoice to various partner sites and offline stores which can increase the revenue of the clients allowing them to have full control of their Brands.


Drive Revenue:

Clients always need to be active to keep their Average order Value high. They need ways to boost sales across the website which can not only increase their revenue. It also generate more user generated content and reviews. Up-To-Date Reviews allow old customers to know that the product is still the same as before and they can buy it with confidence and when new customers read the reviews written by repeat customers their confidence in the product increases which directly increases the sale of products under the clients. Clients can respond to the reviews and questions asked by the customer as it increases the users satisfaction and also gives the customers good impressions of Brand which can increase the customer stickiness for the brand.  



Bazaarvoice can help clients turn browsers into buyers by User Generated Content. As it allows them to know about clients products from various customers. Bazaarvoice advocates that providing the customer all the information about a product. Return of an item is more costly than not buying it. As the customer who returns the item may leave a bad review. Customers that have bad impression of products means that the clients have lost a customer forever. A negative review is not negative if clients can use them to their advantage by improving their products based on customer feedback.


Scale Your Brand:

Bazaarvoice helps clients by taking their products globally. Clients user generated content can be used by them globally by using bazaarvoice translator. Bazaarvoice can translate these content into local languages which can help clients to have a good base of reviews for new customers to read. Clients can syndicate all the reviews received internationally with the help of bazaarvoice translator. Steady stream of newly user generated content helps clients search ranking increase. Which results in more people will be able to search clients products if they search for similar products. It can be seen that today customers only trust words of another customer as clients might brag about their product. It increase the distrust of customers towards brands. The reviews written by customers became the source of truth about the product they are watching.



Bazaarvoice assists clients in accumulating a substantial volume of reviews. And several other user-generated content that they utilize to describe their products. This content aids clients in retaining browsing customers on the webpage for extended durations. Directly enhancing the likelihood of customers making purchases.


Actionable Insight:

Bazaarvoice provides clients tools that they require to collect the feedback from the  customers. Which helps clients to learn about their products from customers perspective and helps clients to improve their products to meet the needs of customers. Bazaarvoice comes with network insight tools that help clients to compare their products with their competitors. Allowing them to know how to improve their products to capture the market. 



  1. It helps clients to get a large number of reviews or user generated content.


  1. Their user interface is complicated.


It is product reviews software that helps clients to get reviews for their products that are already in the market. It can also help to get reviews for the new products that they have not started selling. Its communities of reviews use the clients products and provides then with feedback on their products. Which can help clients to make their product better than their competitors.



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