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BigCommerce is a software-as-a-services that provides retailers with an online sales platform where they can set up shops without the use of extra hosting services. Some of the functions are as follows :- 

  • Site Speed
  • Digital Wallets
  • Faceted Search
  • Mobile Optimization
  • Multi-Storefront


BigCommerce is a e-commerce platform helps clients manage their online and mobile stores, handles payments and currency exchanges, and provides hosting services and other features for online businesses. Their B2B business allows clients to customize and personalize their stores to give a brand new look to large customers by providing them services that they have not received before.

BigCommerce was founded in 2009 in Sydney, Australia by Eddie Machaalani and Mitchell Harper and opened its first office in Austin, Texas, USA 2009. BigCommerce is a Software-as-a-Service that provides merchants and businesses with online stores for their products. It provides services to both B2B and B2C sellers.

It has a robust sale structure by which small and medium businesses expand their sales channels.



The storefront is like a Brick-Mortar house for an online store of business. When designing the Storefront we need to keep in mind that it should be visually appealing, easy to navigate, and easy to check out. When users come to your site they will not stay on the main page for more than a few seconds before they start to search for products they need. On the BigCommerce platform, we can make the webpage in the visual editor which helps us to configure the webpage from header to little details that are needed to make the webpage more appealing to customers.


BigCommerce provides an in-built search engine that can help customers find the product they need to make their shopping experience excellent. Web Pages that are made are based on mobile optimization that can be used to view the webpage on mobile phone browsers. It allows us to customize the themes of the webpage according to what we want and present a beautiful webpage to customers that will come and see it.

It also provides a drag and drop function for the creation of costume Merchandising. We can generate various promotional activities to boost our product visibility, without requiring coding expertise. Only creativity is necessary to design web pages that can surpass any we have come across. We can use Stencil CLI in BigCommerce to preview the website before uploading the webpage. All web pages made are SEO-friendly. 

To make a better online store checkout function is the most important as it affects the customer to buy our product, we need to make a good checkout page form so that customers can quickly complete the order. We can also add the function of guest checkout to allow first-time buyers to easily purchase products from online-store. We must incorporate the functionality of online payments and digital wallets, clearly indicating which payment methods customers can utilize for making payments during the checkout process.


Cross-Channel E-commerce:

BigCommerce dashboard allows you to make multiple storefronts from a single dashboard, we can use multiple storefronts to sell different brands by personalizing a single storefront for a single brand or sell different types of things through different storefronts or sell in different regions. We can also combine them differently and make our own unique storefronts.  

Through BigCommerce we can integrate different marketplaces like Google Shopping, EBay, and Amazon. Its integration of social media sites allows us to solicit customers from Instagram, Facebook, and Pineintret. 



We can make Storefronts in any region because BigCommerce integration allows us to do business in multiple currencies which can help us to expand our business. With the integration of ShipperHQ, we can accurately Quote shipping prices and tell our customers.   

As we plan to open storefronts in various locations, we need to adapt them to local conditions to meet customer requirements. This can be achieved by developing webpages that reflect the local conditions and using the appropriate local language. BigCommerce provides translation services through integrated apps which can convert web pages to local languages.

In BigCommerce, B2B commerce enables businesses to receive personalized services from storefront owners. It also provides the benefit of bulk discounts for purchases made in large quantities. An individual can also get the same treatment when purchasing in a large amount. Our physical store can also be integrated into this system which can help us manage from one place. 


BigCommerce Features:

When dealing with multiple storefronts, businesses can easily manage their extensive product catalog using the BigCommerce Dashboard. And can also choose to utilize third-party APIs to accomplish their tasks. The advantage of doing this is that we can the present condition of our catalog stock and never be out-of-stock. 

When consolidating all the data in one place, clients can employ a third-party API for tax calculation. Clients can also engage in-house accountant to create a custom tax table.

 It keeps backup in two separate data centers which mitigates the risk of data loss. It also offers a high uptime of 99.99%.



  1. It allows the option of selling both digital and physical goods.
  2. It Provides a custom template to make web pages.


  1. It does not allow making different web pages for mobile and desktop.
  2. It has a high cost which increases with our sales revenue increase.



BigCommerce is a big e-commerce platform that provides help to small and medium businesses to sell their products all-over-the-World with just a webpage. It provides a one-stop solution for all their needs.



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