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It is a digital asset management system that allows clients to manage, store and share their digital assets. Its feature are:

  • Customizable Branding
  • Collaboration Tools
  • File Sharing
  • Asset Management
  • Search/Filter


Brandfolder is a Software-as-a-Services that provides Digital assets Management services to clients allowing their team of creator and promoter to maximize their Brand Management potential and efficiency. It was founded in 2012 by Brian Parks, Luke Beatty, Paul Arterburn, and Ryan Urabe in Denver, Colorado, United States. It is trusted by companies like Slack, Lyft, mastercard, Kroger, MAXXIS, RusselStover, etc.


Digital Assets Management:

Brandfolder comes with Advanced AI Search allowing them to add the metadata to various digital assets files so that clients and their team can find any file quickly. Clients can give different team members different access to Brandfolder allowing them to have access to data they require for their work giving  the content more security and less chance of leak. Partners and collaborators can be also given access to data they require like templates giving them access to that content they need while maintaining Brand Consistency.


Brand Guidelines:

Every Brand has their unique logo, fonts, color, images, etc that are used by them to maintain consistency in their Brand Image globally. Brand Guidelines allow clients, partners and collaborators to be on the same page allowing them to have better Brand promotion work increasing the brand image while reducing the cost.



With well defined guidelines clients can send their Brand partners and collaborators with pre defined brand guidelines allowing them to cooperate with the brand while maintaining the same  image at the same time. Clients can share the brand guideline file to their partners and collaborate maintaining the security of Brand selling consistency to customers allowing them to trust the brand .    


Creative Workflow:

Brandfolder Creative Workflow features allows clients to increase efficiency of creation of brand content allowing clients to go to market faster. It helps clients in the complete lifecycle of their Brand content from start of creation to upgrading different versions of content. Clients can utilize the Creative Workflow to gather all participants, including partners, collaborators, and creators, within a single dashboard. This provides clients with enhanced control over their Brand image. Clients can share the brand images and necessary content for brand image promotion with their partners by sending them embed links, ensuring they have access to all the required resources.


Clients have the option to embed digital assets in various websites for promotion using Brandfolder. It provide them with a convenient method to update images and deliver updated content to customers seamlessly. Users can utilize Brandfolder to assign different tasks to their teams, enabling them to collaborate with creators in the workflow of generating diverse digital content. Clients can view the status of their work and set up various procedures allowing them to complete their task with better efficiency. Clients can invite partners and collaborators to the creative workshop, enabling them to offer comments and suggestions on the various projects in progress.



Brandfolder Creative workflow allows clients to give work to their team members in workflow. Brandfolder allows clients to give different levels of security access to different people. Allowing them to work on their job and not have access to data that are not related to their jobs. Increasing the security of clients digital assets. Clients can create links for various files required by their partners or just to show Brand Data to customers. Clients can share files with different levels of security. Allowing brand digital assets to have a better platform to show themselves. 


Content Automation:

Clients have the ability to create Brand templates, enabling them to establish basic guidelines for their content. Any creators can then use these templates to craft Brand assets. It’s possible to create distinct templates for various purposes, thereby granting content creators the means to maintain brand consistency. You can share the created templates with regional partners and collaborators. Thereby ensuring consistency across the Brand platform and contributing to the establishment of customer trust.



Brandfolder Content Automation allows clients to have auto create content with template as guideline. Allowing clients team to create large amounts of content. Clients can lock-down important content in the templates allowing for localization of content by changing the data in the templates. Clients can share Content Templates with their partners and collaborators. Allowing them to create content from brand templates and uphold Brand Consistency. Using advanced AI search, clients can search for the required content. Using various tags to the Digital content in Brandfolder. Brandfolder’s advanced search AI can then utilize these tags to swiftly locate content within large volumes of digital files.



  1. Easy to use user Interface.
  2. It allows clients to customize their search tags making searching an easy task.


  1. Brandfolder does not create folders and all assets are in a single dashboard.
  2. If clients need to share assets, the system will share all attachments with it. Even if they only need to send one.



Brandfolder is a digital assets management software that can help clients to make better digital content, share and manage it. It offers clients a comprehensive digital asset management solution. They can also choose from various plans to find the one that suits them best.




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