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It is a Software-as-a-service that provides Digital Asset Management services to customers allowing them to store, share and collaborate from the same platform. Its features are:

  • Digital Rights Management
  • User, Role, and Access Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Organizational Interface
  • Import/Export, Search and File Preview


Canto is a Software-as-a-Service which provides Digital Asset Management services to Clients. It was founded in Berlin in 1990 by Thomas Schleu. Canto began as image scanning and storage software later in 2014 it moved its services to cloud based digital asset management software. It is trusted and used by companies like Brikenstock, Godiva, Linkedin, Gymshark, Fairtrade, etc.



Clients can utilize customizable folders and albums provided by Canto to create their own organizational structure. It can be sorted by file type, date, alphabetically or can be mixed and matched to clients desire. It allows clients to have fast search capabilities by adding keywords, tags or smart tags which fits their needs. Clients can label files for themes, products, templates, or any other divisions they require. This enables them to establish personalized labels for their assets, which they can then use to conduct searches.

Its AI powered smart folder allows clients to upload their assets into them and organize them by using its quick go-to option for searching their assets by file type that clients have filled out. Clients have the option to create special personal collections of their files, eliminating the need to access them through folders and albums. These collections can be utilized to store special files or for projects that are currently in development.


Search and Share:

Its global search function is a default search feature which is simple to use. It allows clients to search their whole database with keywords like filename, metadata, dimension or any other information we have. Clients can search for hard to find files from large amounts of data. Canto offers an advanced search feature that permits users to locate files with precise details such as their names, metadata, categories, and previous comments. Users can perform advanced searches on previously searched files. The integration of global and advanced search functionalities empowers clients to effectively locate their files even within extensive datasets.

Canto comes with a filter and Facial recognition function which increase the searching efficiency of files from even large libraries.

Within Canto, clients can effortlessly generate straightforward share links, facilitating the sharing of their content with others. Furthermore, anyone can utilize an upload link to facilitate file uploads directly into a designated isolated folder. From this folder, files can then be sent to any desired destination folder. Clients also possess the capability to fashion time-sensitive links. You can use these links to share content that will remain accessible only until a predetermined time. After that time expires, the content will no longer be available for download.

Its Advanced download options provide convenience to edit images before downloading. Clients can adjust image quality, zoom and crop image before downloading to adjust image for their use.



Canto allows direct sharing of files with various storage and social media apps. Using the Canto platform, clients can create portals that enable them to establish small libraries. They can then share these libraries by granting privileges to others. These libraries can be configured and personalized to align with a brand’s aesthetics. Clients have the ability to provide privileges to others, allowing them to utilize these libraries. It is the Canto way to allow monetization of clients’ digital assets.


Visual Previews and Branding:

In Canto clients can view full previews of image and video and metadata tags attached to image or videos. Clients can also view documents and PowerPoint slides. Branding of brands is to differentiate them from others and have a uniform design of our own. Canto style guides allow clients to make their own brand style which can make their brand look more formal or if they already have then they can update it in the Canto style guide. provided style. This practice ensures that everyone within the brand stays in sync.



In Canto clients can customize their account and login screen allowing them to make it more personalized giving the feeling same as that of your brand. Clients can customize text, color, background and they can also customize their login screen to look at it the way they want. Clients can also preset conditions for downloading of their images which result in fixed image resolution for any downloaded image from library or portals. Canto watermarking functions allow clients to watermark their images when downloaded which can prevent other misusing clients’ digital assets. 


User Roles and Security:

Canto divides the user level into three which are Administrators who have access to a canto account, they give permission to users according to their level, have detailed reports and can customize canto experiences for clients and users. Contributors can use various features of Canto and upload content, add description to metadata, make folders and albums to manage the library. And third is consumers which can download, preview and share content but cannot make other changes to the canto library.  

Canto is in compliance with privacy laws of the USA, EU, Canada and other regions. 



  1. It allows quick sharing of digital assets allowing people to collaborate with each other over long distances.
  2. It has many integrations which allow smooth flow of work. 


  1. Please increase the number of created albums and folders.
  2. User types should be diversified and temporary persimmon options should be available.



Canto is a digital asset management software which allows clients to have full access to their digital assets. They can share and collaborate with other people to monetize their digital assets while greatly increasing productivity.




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