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Canva is a graphical design platform that helps clients in creating graphical media. It has the following features:-

  • Curved text generator
  • Shape & Clip Art
  • Drag & Drop Editing
  • Add frames to photos
  • Color palette generator


Canva is a graphic design and development tool that allows you to create, edit, share, and print; photos, wallpapers, videos, docs, presentations, etc. Brands can use canva to make logos, posters, and make content planners. We can print, share, and save images, videos, and animation on canva.

It has the integration of many apps which allows us to directly share our work on social media sites, or there are apps that allow us to make more changes to our work. We can bring others to work on projects with their collaboration function.

Melanie Perkins, Cliff Obrecht, and Cameron Adams founded Canva Pty Ltd in 2013 in Perth, Australia. They launched their product Canva in August 2013, making it available on the web, Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS platforms.

Creating a Canva account is free, and users can log in using their Gmail ID.


Photo Editing: 

Canva provides many features to let people edit and make photos, wallpapers, brochures, flyers, gift cards and make docs. We can make photos by uploading one to do editing or we can select from a template provided, animation effects can also be added if required. Finished images can either be printed or uploaded to the internet where it is required. We can receive it by phone to send it to others if we can’t send it through the internet. 



On the top right side there will be a creative design option which when selected will have the option of making a document, postcard, logo, portrait, etc. we can also edit photos and upload photos for processing.


We can select to create a new file with the size we want. It mainly depends on what we want to make, from wallpaper to gift cards that have their own size. There are some images that require a fixed-size file. 


Video Editing: 

In canva, we can make short videos for uploading to social media sites or we can upload it to websites. Brands can make their short video on canva, either by uploading old video files or can select a template from canva. We can edit text and add animation effects to our videos to make truly great brand promotion videos.



On the top right side, there is a creative design option when clicked it will drop a box where we can select which type of video we want to make or upload one if we have a video to work on. 



Users have the capability to edit videos by incorporating animation effects, resizing the video, integrating text within it, and altering the color scheme. These features allow for video editing to achieve the desired effects. After editing, users can upload the video and share it with others through links, social media platforms, or various other options available via the “Share” function located in the top right corner.



  1. It has the capability to save your previous works and uploaded files, which can be accessed when needed.
  2. It integrates with numerous apps, which proves to be quite useful.


  1. The cutting of videos is limited to the front or back portions; for removing the middle section, other apps must be utilized.
  2. An option for specifying the general size of images should be provided within the custom size selector.


It is a photo and video editing and animation software. It can provide good conditions for making brand photos, videos, and animation. Canva enables the creation of edited videos or small animations suitable for promotional use on websites or social media platforms.



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