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Clerk.io is an ecommerce personalization platform which helps ecommerce websites to analyze behavior, trends, transition history to optimize search results. Some of tools used are :-  

  • Customer Data Platform
  • Customer Insight
  • Merchandising 
  • GDPR compliance


Clerk.io is a e-commerces personalization artificial intelligence software that helps clients to present the right products to the customers to attract them on their shopping platform. Hans-Kristian Bjerregaard founded it in 2011 in Copenhagen, Denmark. Companies like Carlsberg, Jeep, Unisport, Stylepit, Aarstiderne, among others, place their trust in it.


Intelligent Search:

Many customers who come to buy online want to have a particular product to buy and to find them they try to search it in the search bar of the website which allows them to find the products they are looking for quickly. Clerk.io comes with instant search option that is used when any customers start typing in search bar artificial intelligence algorithm used in clerk.io will provide the customers with search option according to what they have typed in the search bar allowing customers to choose form the option provided if what they want to find is available in the search options.

If not available then they have to continue to type to complete the search option. Clerk.io search engine is based on artificial intelligence that can be used for natural language processing allowing it to automatically recognize the words written by customers in their context allowing them to find the things they are looking for faster.



In any search bar, typo tolerance holds significant importance. Clients might occasionally recall product names inaccurately or make spelling errors. In such cases, Clerk.io’s artificial intelligence can autonomously identify the accurate answers for customers, enabling them to locate their intended products. This functionality can also be leveraged to display products sharing similar attributes, facilitating upselling opportunities for clients. Clerk.io includes an integrated system for detecting synonyms, empowering customers to discover the specific results they require. It will show customers all the products related to the synonyms written by customers increasing conversion of customers. 



Clients can employ Clerk.io to provide customers with a personalized attribute adjuster. Customers can then utilize this feature to refine their product searches, resulting in faster searches and the exclusion of irrelevant items from the search results. Clients can harness Clerk.io’s sales-oriented artificial intelligence to deliver pertinent content to customers based on their product searches. This empowers customers to make well-informed decisions, consequently boosting sales. Furthermore, through Clerk.io’s search analytics function, clients can identify products that experience higher search volumes. This capability enables clients to refine their sales strategies effectively.





Merchandising plays a crucial role that clients can leverage to enhance their product marketing to customers. It enables clients to showcase their range of products, making them visible to customers. Clients can use merchandising to promote specific brands or products allowing customers to see the promoted products in various places on the clients online ecommerces websites. Clients can further their profits by promoting products with higher margins. Additionally, they can place items that require clearance on sale, facilitating the steady movement of stock and ensuring the health of their inventory.




Clients can enhance product sales and fully capitalize on incoming customers to their online ecommerce stores by implementing bundling marketing. This involves selecting core products frequently purchased by customers and supplementing them with additional products that complement the main items. This strategy enables customers to conveniently purchase complementary products alongside their main selections, thereby boosting the average order size and profit margin for clients.



Clients can use merchandising to launch customer recommendations based on different attributes of the products. It allows them to give targeted promotion of the products they want to their customers which will increase the clients conversion rate of customers and profits for clients. Clients can utilize this functionality to offer diverse sales discounts to their customers. These discounts can serve to deplete stock in the inventory or to coincide with seasonal events or activities.




Personalization Recommendations:

Clerk.io provides clients with a personalization engine that they can use to provide customers with targeted recommendations. It is based according to what products they are trying to buy or have bought before. The system will screen all past customer data to present them with targeted products they have shown interest in or previously selected for purchase but haven’t yet bought. It comes with pre-built smart logic that clients can use to give their customers recommendations of the products they can use.



Clerk.io is based on artificial intelligence that can automatically adapt to various new trends, automatically set recommendations for new products. It can also remove all the products that are out of stock from recommendation. It will automatically giving customers a better impression of the clients ecommerce websites.



  1. It can provide targeted solutions for their clients’ business needs.


  1. It takes time to learn and completely manage this software.



Clerk.io offers clients the ability to utilize artificial intelligence for ecommerce personalization, merchandising, and site navigation. It enhance customer experiences while shopping or browsing their websites. Any online business can utilize it to provide improved experiences for their customers.



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