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Clover is a point of sale that helps users manage their stores from single mobile devices, having all information needed by the users to stay connected to their store anytime and anywhere. Some of its functions are:-

  • Fully featured solution
  • Accessible from anywhere
  • Completely customizable
  • Integrated Sales Reporting
  • Payment Services


Clover is a point of sale system. Clover was founded in October 2010 by John Beatty, Leonard Speiser, Mark Schulze, and Kelvin Zheng in Sunnyvale, California. It provides POS, inventory management, online ordering & sales, employee management, and virtual terminal services to small and medium-sized business owners. It services various companies like Denny’s Corp, H&R Block, Inc, and Blackfriars Group.


Full services Dining:

Clover provides a wide range of services; one of its services is for Dining restaurants. They offer complete all-around services from restaurant services to payment receiving.  


Keep front & back of house in Sync:

From the Clover dashboard, you can map your flour map tables that help in managing guests and help your server to make the guests experience great services. It allows restaurants to add extras to various dishes on the menu that can be ordered by guests to their taste.



The Clover Dashboard helps in connecting the kitchen to tables so that the kitchen can maximize its efficiency and provide guests with the best food to their taste.


Flexible payments for seamless service:  

Improve customer experiences by allowing them to pay the way they want. Clover provides  many ways to take payments from QR codes to Credit cards or online wallets. Clover provides QR codes with all receipts from which customers can directly pay the restaurant without any hassle or they can give their credit card or debit card to be swiped by either a Workstation POS machine or a hand-held POS machine. It can even split the bill into equal amounts or by dishes as required by customers. Even when there is no internet due to a sudden downturn, the clover system can still receive payment from customers and process those transitions when the internet returns. 


Online Ordering Functions:   

Selling Online means taking more orders which can be converted to money. Clover Dashboard allows restaurants to integrate their online ordering in various apps into their dashboard helping restaurants manage all their orders from one platform. The restaurant can stick QR codes to packaging to ease the way customers pay money to restaurants. We can also introduce functions like pre-ordering allowing the customer to order their food at a specified time for pickup.


Quick Services Dining:   

Using the Clover Station Duo, the main dashboard of Clover, accelerates the process of quick service dining. It features a compact 7” screen that enables customers to swiftly make payments and redeem reward points. With the clover dashboard, we can customize the menu into different categories and color-code them to increase server efficiency and we can also customize items in the menu to add extras. The orders received from any clove counter can be sent directly to the kitchen to increase efficiency.  

Clove provides easy and flexible payment options to help customers make payments easier. Tips for servers can be pre-added to make the process of payment faster.  

Clove provides an employee management system that helps restaurants manage their employees. In it, we can manage the employee’s schedule and work hours, and provide them with payroll through the system without any hassle.

It also provides restaurants with an inventory management system that can help stores keep track of their inventory so that restaurants can keep their inventory updated so that they won’t lose orders during rush hours.


Retail Clover POS System:     

Retail clover POS system allows users to manage their store through a single dashboard. We can manage inventory from the dashboard and can see the real-time status of sales. Clover dashboard allows you to manage the employee schedule and make payroll for employees at the same time.

The Clover dashboard manages inventory in detail and can tell you if any products are available in-store or out of stock. It will remind you if the inventory is going out of stock. We  can use a barcode scanner to scan the products into inventory. 

Clover helps us receive various payments from different sources without any hassle, with clover POS we can receive credit cards, Debit cards, gift cards, NFC, and mobile payments. With clove online stores can be integrated into its dashboard to provide all functions in a single place.


Professional Services:

Clover integrates with popular accounting and payroll apps that can help us to manage our accounts and employees. With Clover Dashboard we can receive payments through various means, it can use credit cards, debit cards, online payments, and mobile payments we can also schedule recurring payments with the dashboard. It allows us to integrate our website payment options which can help us to receive payments from the website.

Its virtual terminal helps us to receive payment anywhere and send a digital invoice for the same. It also provides us with real-time sales reports to better understand our business and we can also see the sales data of similar professionals which help us understand the market environment better.  



  1. It is easy to set up to begin taking payments.
  2. Its portable POS system allows us to take payment anywhere, not just a static desk.
  3. There is no need for LAN for the Clovers POS machine.


  1. It may cause you to lose track of your transition due to internet loss.
  2. It allows staff to see the user’s bank account.
  3. It transfers payment when there is $10000 to transfer.




Clover is an advanced POS system that can help restaurants, retailers, and other professionals in their business by making their payment process smooth, watching their inventory, telling sales data, managing employees, and making payrolls. 



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