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It is a dropshipping software that helps clients by automation of their vender and shipping. Its features are:

  • E-commerce Platform Integration
  • Product Page Customization
  • Order Tracking
  • Process Automation
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Convictional is a supplier enablement platform that provides clients with a platform to build and scale their digital marketplace. It works with clients to provide them with vendors that clients require providing them services from taking goods from vendors to sending shipment to customers. It was founded by Chris Grouchy and Roger Kirkness in October 2017 in Dover, Delaware, United States.



Convictional helps clients teams by understanding their assortment strategy which allows Convictional identify brands and categories that clients customers will use at the same time meeting certain quality standards set by clients for their products. Convictional collects various data to make an ideal vendor profile which have the products that are required by clients and provides maximum profits for clients after various fees have been removed like inclusive of brand values, dropship margins, and shipping expectations.  



After getting a Ideal Vendor Profile for clients, Convictional talk to the vendors about opportunity and discuss interest and expectations of both their clients and vendors themself allowing them to find the best vendors suitable for the clients. After this Convictional provides clients with the list they have complained to form Ideal vendors for the clients review and approval.

By providing the list of vendors to clients and setting up meetings for them to discuss various business matters. Clients can decide to choose the vendors that they want to get their supplies from and the onboarding process of vendors will begin in the clients Dashboard. 



Clients use on onboard in the next step allowing them quickly accelerating curation and assortment expansion to power growth with virtual inventory. Convictional provides integration by which retailers can use Convictional to integrate various vendors into their online digital stores through various steps setup by clients. It allows clients to set up a virtual inventory from  which clients can directly sell their products to their customers allowing them to remove storage cost of items and have convenience of sending their goods directly to customers from vendors.



Clients design a custom onboarding flow that outlines the necessary steps for vendors to integrate into their digital platform. Simultaneously, both clients and vendors utilize a shared platform to integrate, sign agreements, synchronize products and pricing, as well as process orders. With Custom onboarding vendors can know all the processes required for onboarding and clients can see the status of vendors in one place allowing them to increase their efficiency.



Convictional enables clients to establish pre-defined product information they require. Allowing vendors to understand the products needed by the clients. If any issues arise with product details not aligning with the predefined client values, Convictional halts the sale. This action aids in reducing the negative impact caused by erroneous product deliveries, safeguarding the brand image, and preventing losses associated with shipping and return fees. Convictional will inform vendors about any issues with product information. Enabling retailers to rectify their product data and dispatch appropriate products. This, in turn, enables clients to promptly resume their services.



Convictional enables clients to efficiently handle and expand their product catalog without the need to hire additional employees. This is achieved through automated drop shipping and wholesale transitions. Additionally, clients can automatically sync order details from their online transactions to Convictional. Allowing seamlessly coordinates with vendors for order fulfillment to end customers. If order status changes, Convictional will also change it and send notification to the vendors.



Convictional provides vendors with clients brand slip to vendors which can be used to give better experiences to customers. It allows cancellation of orders fully or partially by both retailers and vendors. Reducing the problem caused by customers or due to any other reasons. When a customer initiates a refund, vendors provide a return slip to clients, who can forward it to their customers. Additionally, the vendors also refund the money at the same time.



Convictional provides Stripe integration for those clients who use Stripe but it also has an inbuilt billing system for those who require it.



  1. It is very easy to use software which allows retailers to increase their shipment without increasing headcount.
  2. It has a very good customer support system.


  1. Pricing can only be set by vendors. 
  2. Retailers cannot collect shipping fees on behalf of customers.



Convictional is a supplier enablement software which helps retailers and vendors both increase their efficiency in selling products. As it allows vendors and retailers to get together and sell their products on the retailers platform. Retailers don’t need to pay various fees which can increase their profit margin and let vendors sell products which can also increase their profit margin. The software is beneficial for retailers who aim to initiate their business with low capital. As it offers them a cost-effective solution. This enables them to begin with minimal financial risk and eliminates the possibility of deadstock.



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