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Dash is a digital asset management system that provides clients with a place to store, manage and deploy their digital assets. It feature are:

  • Asset Library
  • Asset Categorization
  • File Conversion
  • User, Role, and Access Management
  • Search/Filter


Dash is a digital asset management system that provides clients with the way to store, share and deploy their digital assets. It is produced and marketed by Bright (www.builtbybright.com) which has been around since 1999. It is trusted by companies like RJ Living, Goodrays, The H&H Group, COAT, Gozney, Orca, etc.



In Dash, clients possess the ability to tag their images with various tags, facilitating later searches for specific images. In the modern context, images often include geolocation metadata embedded within them. Dash can use this geolocation information to search for images based on where they were captured. Additionally, if an image contains text, clients can directly search for the text within the image to locate the corresponding image.

Dash provides clients with the ability to personalize their own tags, attributes, and filters, which the team can then utilize to locate assets as necessary, even within a substantial volume of files. Clients can choose the way they want to arrange their assets, increasing the efficiency of the client’s team. Users have the capability to generate folders for various categories, which they can utilize to organize distinct types of assets. Structured based on the project they belong to or utilized to categorize images based on their assigned tags, these folders offer flexible organization options.



Clients can create a personal folder where they can keep their personal files hidden and safe. It also serves well for storing files that will be employed in new projects, enabling clients to maintain the security and integrity of their project files.



Clients can use Dash to share any image and video through a unique URL generated by Dash or by email. Clients can share their files with colleagues or partners without using any other software allowing them to collaborate with others while keeping the file secure. With Dash clients can create collections and have their teams and freelancers collaborate with each other either from the office or from home. It doesn’t matter where your team is, they can work on projects from the internet. Collaborators have the capability to upload their work directly to Dash in order to obtain client approval. If content is deemed unsatisfactory, collaborators can return it for revisions before further progress is made.




Clients can grant different permission to different teams which allow them to have more control over their account. By giving different permission teams and collaborators can work on their projects without interfering in other projects which can greatly increase the security of work. Clients can choose to share a group of assets publicly without necessitating Dash user login for viewing and usage. Collaborators can utilize a shareable link to access and view these assets.



Clients can directly deploy their assets from Dash by embedding them in their website or sharing them at social media sites accounts. The assets updated in Dash will seamlessly update in the locations where they are being used. It allows clients to have better managing ability of their assets.


Brands generally have fixed image size for various different places, Dash helps clients to automatically set the crop size for the image, which will automatically determine the size of images when downloaded. Clients will save time and effort they would otherwise spend in the photo editor to resize downloaded images. Dash provides image sizes for various social media platforms, which clients can use to upload brand images to different social media accounts. Clients can track the content they have deployed to various places using Dash, it helps clients to keep track of their content.



Dash has integration to various software required by users. Like Google Drive, Shopify, Adobe Creative suite, Hootsuite, Canva, CoreBook, SharePoint, Google Workspace, Slack, API, Figma, Gmail, CI HUB, etc. Clients can share their assets through these integration to social media software and to various places where required. They can also receive assets through various software. After integration clients can directly share their assets through various software. Clients can also take them from various software to Dash digital asset management system.



  1. We just need to keep a high quality image when sharing Dash helps us to lower the resolution if needed.
  2. To download custom size images.


  1. To create a folder we need to go into the system which is complicated.
  2. There is no comment function which can hep team review 



Dash is a Digital Asset management system which takes care and manages clients digital assets. It helps clients increase efficiency and reduce workload. It is very price friendly for small and medium businesses.



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