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DropBox Paper

Dropbox Paper provides clients with word, image and video processing documents allowing clients to do their work online from anywhere with their teams. It features are:

  • Multi-User Collaboration
  • Real-Time Communication
  • Document Editor
  • Keep everyone organized


Dropbox Paper is an online document workspace, also known as Paper formerly from hackpad companies was acquired by dropbox in 2014. Later, in 2017, it underwent an update and was launched as Dropbox Paper, providing teams a platform to actively create, share, review, manage, and organize documents. It is used by companies like Patreon, LullaBot, Getaround, Campaign Monitor, etc. Enterprises primarily utilize Paper for taking meeting notes, creating creative briefs, drafting launch plans, managing ongoing plans, and establishing project directions. Generally, it serves as a platform for active documents that help enterprises centralize their collaborative document work in one place. It works on web browsers, Android, and IOs.


Meeting Notes:  

Dropbox paper or Paper is a task management platform that helps in collaborating with other people in teams; in Paper we can assign tasks and keep ourselves updated on the progress of the task. 

Generally, when we have a meeting everyone will be notified about the meeting date and time as well as the agenda of the meeting but doing this does not utilize the collective wisdom of the team thereby reducing the efficiency of the team’s work. By using Paper, we can create a document that everyone can view, containing the team’s tasks, attendees, and the meeting agenda. It can also be used during meetings to jot down concise notes about the discussion. We can also add entries like pre-meeting ideas where team members can share their ideas with each other to get the best out of our team. By doing this, the team can gain a clear understanding of the meeting and prepare effectively to ensure its success.



We can also insert notes into meeting documents that we can retrieve after the meeting ends to capture the essential points discussed during the meeting.


Project Specification:

In companies, they often divide any project into various segments and assign each segment to different individuals. This division can make it challenging for project managers and sub-managers to maintain constant oversight, potentially leading to project delays for various reasons. By utilizing Paper, we can create a document that records all the necessary product specifications. Sharing this document with all team members working on the product ensures that everyone is aware of the required specifications, thereby streamlining the project.


We can also generate another Paper and divide it among different sub-project managers, whose team members will update the project’s progress. This approach will enhance task efficiency since the sub-project managers will maintain constant supervision over the entire project. We can also add links to documents, videos, and audio files required by this project so that team members don’t have to search for them when they require them.


Company Information and data:

In any enterprise, someone periodically requires access to a significant amount of general information and stored data. However, this information often cannot be located promptly. As someone must search for it within the extensive document or media library, resulting in time wastage. By using Paper we can make a document containing these data from the link of the file which will make it easier for anyone to search and use these data and information.   


Brainstorm Ideas:

When we have a new project, we need to convene team members to discuss the project’s ideas. Everyone will express their thoughts and contribute their ideas. However, people may overlook some ideas during the discussion because of the overwhelming amount of data for the team to process in a short time. Additionally, there are instances when a team member may find it challenging to articulate the idea they have in mind.



Using Paper, we can gather all team members in a single document. Allowing them to share their ideas with other team members in written format. These ideas will be archived even if they are not used. Team members can also share audio, video, and images with all team members. Thereby enhancing the team’s efficiency in keeping the project on track. Team members can not only share ideas concerning the projects but can also share audio, video, and any images with all team members, thus enhancing the team’s efficiency in keeping the project on track.



  1. Its simple design allows for versatile use of Paper documents in many scenarios.
  2. It can integrate with other software.


  1. It has few features compared to other document apps.
  2. Sometimes it can be slow in responding.


It is a lightweight document software that offers basic document writing functionality while also supporting numerous media formats. This feature makes Paper a versatile software. That many other software applications can use in conjunction with, as it supports integration.



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