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Frontify is a cloud-based Brand Management platform that helps brands manage their digital content and connect with all their teams. Its features are:-

  • Multi-Brand Universe
  • Digital Asset Management
  • Identity Management
  • Analytics & Insights
  • Branded Experience


Frontify is a cloud based Brand Management & digital assets management platform that helps clients to manage their digital assets, brand guidelines, creative collaboration, etc. It was founded by Roger Dudler in 2013 at St.Gallen, Switzerland. It is trusted by companies like Microsoft, MAERSK, Uber, Lufthansa, KIA, Telefonica, etc.  



Frontify provides an digital assets management system that consists of libraries which can be used to store various files. Clients can store, share, find any-type of assets through asset libraries. Clients have the ability to share their assets with various websites or blogs by embedding the URL link generated from the library. Embedded assets can be kept up to date by making updates to the assets within the library. When clients share assets from the Frontify assets library with others, they are provided with an option to grant licenses to partners, who must agree to the terms in order to download the assets. These licenses have a specified time validity; after the designated time period, the assets will expire. Frontify will also notify partners in advance when their assets are approaching expiration, prompting them to renew the license.



Clients have the capability to categorize various users based on their requirements. This enables them to grant distinct users access to specific assets, ensuring that only the necessary assets are provided to each party. It increases the security of clients’ assets. Frontify features an integrated search filter that clients can use to locate the items they need through targeted searches.



Clients can share their assets with partners with password protection which will increase the security of the assets of clients. Frontify includes an integrated file format changer that assists clients in modifying the formats of their files as needed. Clients can also crop images manually or set predetermined conditions for automatic cropping to specific sizes. It also comes with predetermined size of the social media sites. The Frontify asset library includes a Brand Newsletter feature, which allows users to send updates or essential brand-related information to all team members or partners.


Brand Guidelines:

Every brand has their own style that they use to set themselves apart from others. But for brands both old and new the problem that they face is that their partners sometimes may now follow their style which can result in brand inconsistency which reduces the users impression of the brand. Or they might think that only one of the brand promotions is correct when it’s just the problem with communication between the brand and their partners.

So we can say that for brand consistency in their main direction of work that they want to achieve success in. It reflects in many places such as if a person is buying products from brand in city A but when he shifts to city B he sees that the color, text or shading does not match with the brand in city A he will easily think that the product in city B is counterfeit. Or maybe he has been dubbed as buying fake products in city A. This inconsistency decreases the brand loyalty of users towards brands as customers may think that this is a fake brand with shabby products. 


The feature “Brand Guidelines” in Frontify allows different brands to establish their unique brand style. This style then serves as a foundation for creating diverse templates that brands can employ to produce improved content. Brands can also share their brand guidelines with their partners to maintain brand consistency in various regions where brands promote and sell their products. 

Brand Guidelines Features:

The Frontify brand guidelines feature functions through a drag-and-drop mechanism, making it accessible to anyone. Even if the person who is making the template does not need to be tech savvy. It is very easy to create a complete guideline for their brands. It offers clients a range of colors and fonts, enabling them to design their brand’s style according to their preferences.


Brands can use Frontify brand guidelines features to create their brands guidelines regarding fonts, color, etc. Brands share their guidelines with their partners and collaborators to create various content that they can use for brand promotions. Users can save it as a template. Aiding clients, collaborators, and team members in creating new designs using the template as a foundation. This ensures that new projects align with Brand Guidelines consistently and are easily executable.


Creative Collaboration:

Frontify creative collaboration allows clients teams to collaborate with other stakeholders and partners on the same platform. It can increase their efficiency and transparency. All the working people on the project will work on the same platform. And will know the progress of the project which will allow everyone to collaborate more closely and complete the project more quickly. 



Frontify offers real-time collaboration, allowing diverse team members to seek approval from clients, partners, and other stakeholders directly on the platform. This fosters transparency in the work process while simultaneously enhancing efficiency. Approved items receive recognition from all parties involved. Thereby reducing project timelines and eliminating the practice of waiting for approvals for extended periods. This ultimately ensures that work progresses without unnecessary delays.



Frontify integrates various design software, which clients, teams, and other stakeholder teams can utilize to enhance the quality of their products.


Digital & Print Templates:

With the integration of Sketch, In-design, etc design software clients can create customizable templates. Both online and offline allowing teams and partners to have the base to create the brand promotion visuals. This allows employees who don’t have much experience to create visuals for a brand allowing experienced designers to take care of overall visuals.



Clients can create a library for templates which has different types of templates for various uses like posters, ads, social media, etc. This allows clients team members to create visuals for the brand with just an internet connection. Using Storyteq integration enables the creation, sharing, and distribution of video templates as well.



  1. It centralizes all the data in a single location, enabling easy sharing with just a click.


  1. Getting started can be challenging due to the numerous features it encompasses.


It is a cloud based Brand management software that has various features. It can help clients to manage their brands more effectively, increasing the efficiency of clients and reducing time required. Clients can utilize it to create Brand Templates, ensuring consistency across various brand channels.



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