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GoSpotCheck is a cloud-based software that helps teams working in the frontline increase their efficiency and backline management can have updates on their work. Its feature are :-

  • Dispatch
  • Location
  • Employee Communication
  • Client Notifications
  • Analytics
  • CRM Integrations
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GoSpotCheck is a mobile task management software that can be used by a client’s team to increase their efficiency and productivity. It connects frontline employees to central headquarters allowing client managers to have control over their teams and tasks at a glance. Bart Ciak, Joey Alfano, Matt Talbot, and Samantha Holloway founded GoSpotCheck in 2011 in Denver, Colorado, United States. Companies such as PEPSICO, JLL, LEVI’S, Coca-Cola, Panera, Beam Suntory, and Dirty Hands, among others, use the platform.


Task Management:

GoSpotCheck allows clients’ teams to work from their mobile devices both offline and online. Managers can send tasks to their team members through GoSpotCheck allowing them to have better control over teamwork. Clients can use task management systems to divide tasks into different priorities allowing team members to complete high priority tasks first and then low priority tasks making them have better control over their time and have better efficiency. Task lists assigned to team members enable clients to create various types of tasks. These tasks can be completed individually or through collaboration. Teams capable of finishing their tasks can also assist other team members in clearing tasks from the backlog. Managers can use full manpower under their hand and complete the different tasks as needed to complete their work. 



Team members can utilize task management systems to conduct audits or surveys. Clients have the flexibility to create various audits and surveys for distinct projects, saving them for future use. Managers can then assign audit or survey tasks to their team members using the saved templates. Team members can easily complete these tasks digitally using mobile devices, leveraging the audit and survey forms available within the task management system. The forms are designed to specifically focus on collecting project-related data that fulfills the requirements of clients and managers. This design empowers them to gain deeper insights into their projects. They can incorporate photos or videos to enhance the verification process.


Field Sales:

Field Sales are an important part that need to have special attention from clients and managers allowing them to have better knowledge of the work undertaken by sales field teams. GoSpotCheck empowers clients to generate customizable sales tasks tailored for their sales teams. These tasks enhance the effectiveness of their work. Both clients and their teams can utilize GoSpotCheck on mobile devices to complete their tasks, replacing the need for paper-based processes. Clients can convert their requirements into templates, enabling the creation of surveys or tasks as necessary for frontline teams. This approach ensures a convenient experience in using mobile devices for task completion. Given the diverse task requirements, task lists can be directly submitted via mobile devices. This enables clients and managers to monitor field team task progress at any given time.



Clients can enhance working conditions for their field office teams by providing them with mobile devices. These devices enable team members to submit tasks and share actual images and videos showcasing product appearances. This process can increase the team members efficiency allowing the team members to increase their productivity. In the increased time field sales teams can send their team members to increase their sales.


Merchandising & Marketing:

Marketing is an important part for any frontline teams because it helps them increase sales of their products. Merchandising can help any clients to have a better grasp of their products’ stocks. GoSpotCheck enables clients and retailers to gain insights into the products they are selling. Frontline teams have the ability to assess the merchandising condition in different stores during their visits. They can use GoSpotCheck to capture photos of every store shelf where the clients’ products are displayed. It can help verify if the field sales team members are really going to stores for inspection and promotion, with digital work devices team members can show new products or order old products for the store. 



Clients can utilize analytic reports provided by GoSpotCheck to examine diverse data, including trending products and the most consumed items. This information aids clients in making informed business decisions to enhance their operations. Additionally, clients can use GoSpotCheck to allocate tasks to field teams, who can then digitally submit tasks through the platform using their mobile devices. The platform consolidates data collected from different field sales teams, providing clients with a comprehensive understanding of their products on the shelves.


Asset Management:

Clients can employ GoSpotCheck to create diverse checklists for managing their assets. They generate various types of checklists tailored to their specific needs, such as medical checklists, warehouse maintenance checklists, machine maintenance checklists, and more. With various checklists clients can keep their assets in better condition which can increase efficiency and productivity. Digital audit can help clients to keep a close eye on their assets to better manage their equipment condition which allows smooth flow of operations and avoid downtime and unnecessary surprises in expense.


  1. The user interface is simple, and there’s no need for an IT background to become accustomed to it.


  1. There is no problem with the app but sometimes it will slow down maybe because of phone or internet.



It serves as a task management software that connects front-line workers to the headquarters. Its digital tasks allow clients to have full knowledge of work done by front line teams. It offers cost-effective solutions for medium or small businesses, enabling them to enhance efficiency and productivity.



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