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Heartland Retail

Heartland Retail is a cloud-based POS and Retail Management software that helps retailers with multi-site and multi-channel. Retailers have better control over their sales and stores by using live sales data. More of its function is:-

  • Cloud-based with real-time data  
  • Order Management
  • Inventory management
  • Purchasing + Receiving
  • Payments


Heartland Retail is an US based payment processing and financial services software that allows clients to process various types of payment and also provides clients with access to  payroll processing, gift card and campus card, point of sale systems, school payments and nutrition, network management, mobile payments and ordering, eCommerce, billing, and lending services. Bob Carr founded it in 1997 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Companies like Great Clips, Popeyes, Tim Hortons, Panera Bread, Panda Express, Nic+Zoe, Nutrition Zone, etc., use the platform.


Point Of Sales System:

Heartland point of sale systems allow clients to take payment in various ways. It allow clients to have better payment processing ability. Heartland Retail is an all around point of sale system that allows clients to sell their products both online and offline. It is able to process the payment for these products at the same time. Heartland is a cloud based point of sales system with different types of hardware. It allow clients to use the type of hardware they need to increase the sales. It provides clients with a different type of machine that can be used on different occasions. Helping clients to better serve their customers. 

Heartland point of sales system comes with an inventory management system allowing clients to manage their inventory to prevent the occurrence of being out of stock for any type of product as it will send the notification for restocking products to clients that can see what is missing from stock allowing them to make informed choices. It also helps stores with multi-location problems allowing the clients to see the inventory of various stores which can prevent the lords from over ordering any products.   

Clients have the option to establish a more streamlined checkout process, allowing customers to make payments using the cardless EMV payment system and mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and digital gift cards. Clients can utilize the data collected from sales to transform it into various analytic charts. These charts can then be used by clients to make well-informed decisions about inventory stocking and the types of discounts to offer. This approach enables clients to enhance profitability while simultaneously ensuring customer satisfaction. Clients can use various data to understand different things better. 

Clients can get a complete view of the various devices running on pos system in clients retail stores even if it is multi-location allowing clients to view all data in a single dashboard and be up to date with all the news in their stores.


Financial Services:

Heartland retail provides different types of financial services for their clients. It  allow them to have better control over their finance in business. With heartland terminal clients can accept all kinds of payments made from different payment services allowing customers to pay in the way they want to pay, it can not only allow clients to increase their order processing speed but also make customers happy allowing them to choose in what way they want to pay their bill. Clients can use the heartland surcharge program allowing them to reduce or offset the various processing fees of different credit cards.

During various business instances, the need for urgent funds to facilitate expansion or innovation arises. However, withdrawing money from the capital chain might be avoided to prevent its collapse. In such scenarios, clients can utilize Heartland Retail to swiftly request and obtain quick loans. This enables them to access funds promptly and employ the money for innovation, consequently enhancing their order turning efficiency. Heartland Retail allows businesses to have quick loans because they can use previous month earnings to assess the risk of the loan falling and clients credit.


Employee Management and Payroll Software:

Heartland Retails allows clients to use payroll software that can count the time and attendance of their employees. Its payroll software will automatically calculate the various bonuses and attendance of the employees. It give the clients a better understanding of the amount of money they need to pay to their employees. Clients can customize their payroll system allowing them to give pre-set instructions on the amount of various benefits and taxes. With Heartland Retail clients can use their Employee management system to record their document. It also provide various rules and regulation of their state labor law. It automatically allows clients to comply with various labor laws giving them better management ability of their workers.


Heartland Retail


Heartland retail has a robust scheduling system allowing workers to have the convenience of getting their shift and changing it with others when needed. They can ask for time off and other arrangements in their shift from their mobile app which allow managers to complete shift change easily.



  1. It allows for smooth credit card transactions.


  1. Purchase and special customers orders can be a headache as it does not allow clients to re edit them if completed to make changes. 



Retailers or businesses of any kind can employ the Heartland Retail POS system. Enabling them to enhance their checkout process through improved transaction processing functions.



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