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Image Relay

It is a Software-as-a-Services that provides clients with Digital Assets Management and Product Information delivery System. It features are:

  • User, Role, and Access Management
  • Digital Rights Management
  • File Transformation
  • Organizational Interface


Image Relay is a Software-as-a-Services digital assets management & Product Information delivery System that helps clients to manage their digital assets and product information. It was founded by Skye Chalmers in 2002 at Burlington, Vermont, United States. It is trusted by companies like Ben & Jerry’s, FOX, SEIKO, CABOT, ISUZU, Milwaukee, etc.


Digital Asset Management And Marketing Delivery

Manage Efficiently:

Image Relay organizes clients’ data into an intuitive folder structure. Clients have the authority to determine the structure in which to create folders, thus granting them comprehensive knowledge of the location and arrangement of their stored data. Image Relay search function allows deep search of the data stored in assets library, its quick search function allows clients to search the file they require by name, description, date, tag, or other metadata. With its deep search function clients can add customizable metadata or AI tagging which helps to increase the search efficiency of clients, teams and partners. 



Clients can create Share links for their partners and collaborators, by using it they can access the data from assets library at any time which helps them to easily gather the data they require. The upload link allows the partners and collaborators to upload the new assets for clients review directly from their workplace or on the go as Image relay cloud capability allows anyone to access the data with link and accounts from anywhere with internet access. Clients can create accounts of different users’ permission and give them to partners, collaborators, their team members and other people who require this permission. Clients can set down restrictions only allowing different users to see the data that they need to see, download, or modify. Image Relay also provides features of bulk uploading, downloading and updates.   


Organize Everything:

Image Relay Marketing Delivery allows clients to improve brand consistency, increase information delivery efficiency, and easy distribution to various channels. Marketing Delivery can send clients digital assets and product information to various partners easily and faster. Image Relay gathers all the information of images, videos, logos, sales materials, packaging files, ad designs, manuals, etc into a single assets liberty. The assets library offers clients a direct link that they can provide to partners. This link enables partners to directly upload new digital assets for clients’ review. Assets library gathers all the digital assets of clients, in it clients can search any data required. 



With assets library Image Relay gathers all the data about the clients products like their weight, dimension, construction material, case pack, shipping info, product information, etc. With marketing Delivery clients can upload data in bulk allowing them to complete the task more efficiently. It collects all data and builds distribution-ready product listings which can provide all the data of products under the clients to various partners and clients to use. 



Clients have the ability to share individual links that need to be sent using Image Relay. They can accomplish this by sharing quick links, embedded codes, or by sending the link via email. Image Relay provides clients with the capability to create collections, which they can use to include assets not currently. Clients can utilize this feature to securely store confidential new product assets, thus creating a secure collection of resources.

It can hold all types of files, it also allows clients to customize sections within the collection to divide the files in different categories according to clients needs. Clients have the option to customize collections with branded header images, descriptions, and section titles. They can then provide links to their teams, collaborators, and partners. That allow them to access the files that clients have granted them access to. It allows clients to give access to only those files needed by them and keep the other files confidential.


Share Effortlessly:

With the effort of marketing delivery clients can set up unique export templates for each of their partners as everyone has different requirements. Using these templates, clients can easily export the required data for partners. The generated CSV files will then be sent to clients, partners, and collaborators. These exported files contain the links to the products required by partners allowing clients to send all the data required by partners at one time.

Clients can utilize Image Relay to share individual links that need to be sent. They can accomplish this by sharing quick links, embedded codes, or by sending the link via email. Partners or collaborators can download the files from the assets library. They can also adjust the size of file and format according to their needs. It allows clients to get away form the monotonous task of sending files to partners and keeping tabs on spreadsheets. 


Protect Your Brand:

Clients have the option to create Brand templates that the design team can utilize for crafting flyers, social posts, banner ads, and other materials. Partners and collaborators can then use these templates to promote the clients’ brands. It also provides contingency to brand image which increases the trust of customers in the Brand. Clients have the capability to lock content such as brand logos or brand colors, preventing any changes. They can also grant partners the freedom to modify other content as needed. This feature allows for the inclusion of diverse or promotional ads while maintaining control over core elements and ensuring contingency. Image relay provides SOC 2 Type 2 certified security services to clients.


  1. It is easy to use with a clean dashboard.


  1. It does not provide apps for Android or iOS. It can only be opened on web browsers.



It is a Digital Assets management software. That not only manages the clients data but also allows clients to share their data with different partners confidentiality. Image Relay keeps clients files safe allowing them to have a feeling of security.



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