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Interserver is an web hosting and domain services providing companies that can help clients to get and manage their domain. Its features are:-

  • Standard Web Hosting
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Servers
  • GPU Dedicated Servers
  • Cloud Virtual Private Servers


Interserver is an web hosting and Domain services that can be used by clients to host their websites or ecommerces stores online. It was founded by John Quaglieri and Mike Lavrik in 1999 in Secaucus, New Jersey, United States. 


Standard Web Hosting:-

Web Hosting is an act of hosting a website on shared servers that can be rented by clients from professional web hosting businesses. They provide necessary technology and support that allows clients to store their website file system, various resources and platforms on the web host. Clients can also acquire the domain that they want which allows them to use their domain and display their website on the world wide web.

Interserver provides their clients with SitePad Website Builder, which clients can use to easily create their own websites. They also offer an ultra-solid-state drive that clients can use to achieve faster file transfer speeds on their websites. Unlimited EMail Accounts are also provided by the Interserver to clients to use for their website which can facilitate clients to send email for ecommerce marketing and or for secure communication in clients companies that allows them to send various files that are important for business. 

It also provides guaranteed email delivery features that allows clients to send their email with more security. As the emails are not sent directly from the web host domain it allows clients to send email without worrying about their IP blocking due to various publishing issues encountered on shared web hosting.  

Free Migration Service:-

Interserver offers free migration services to their clients. Clients can use them to transfer their domain from another web hosting business to Interserver. Interserver staff provides 24*7 services which allows clients to transfer their domain to Interserver with no downtime or downtime of a few minutes. If clients have backup of their server then they can also upload the data on their Interserver account which allows for faster domain transfer. Interserver not only transfers the data of clients’ domains but also transfers various settings, permissions, or code that clients have written to make their websites unique. This simultaneous transfer enables clients to seamlessly resume their work on their websites after the domain transfer. It ensures that clients’ employees can maintain the same work experience as before the domain transfer.

Intershield Protection:-

Interserver has developed their own inhouse security solution that allows them to update their security solution when they find new malware. It provides a large number of their servers with security solutions so when they encounter a new threat on the server they update and replicate their security solution on other servers which can enhance the security of the server. Interserver uses the RBL rule to create its own RBL blacklist, allowing them to block IP addresses that have a documented history of engaging in malicious activities like hacking, uploading malware, or other actions harmful to servers.. If a request from a blocked IP comes to clients, Interserver will block it first and send notification to the clients server where they can decide if they want to accept the request of blocked ip. 

Virtual Private Servers:-

Interservers provides clients with Virtual Private Servers that clients can utilize to create a dedicated server solely responsible for providing services to clients’ domains. This allows clients to make unique changes to their server such as increasing the number of firewalls, installing unique software that allows clients to do better work, modifying various codes to give better services to their customers. Interserver provides various types of plans from which clients can use the plan that they want to host their web servers. 

With virtual private servers clients can use their servers from anywhere. Clients can upload or download various files, databases or other resources to their servers from anywhere in the world. Allowing them to have convenience during their business trips. Virtual private servers provide full control over various functions of servers to their clients. It can be good things for clients if they want to upgrade their servers to match the needs of their business. Interserver provides solid state drives to their clients which increase the speed of the data transmission of servers giving the clients lighting fast loading speed. Faster the website the better it is as most users like fast loading websites. So they don’t have to want for websites to load. If the speed of loading is slow then users may go to other websites. It also affects the google ranking of the website during search results. 

Dedicated Resources:-

Creating a virtual private server is an important step for business as they don’t have to share the server resources with other businesses. Businesses that have just started generally opt for shared web hosting. Because it enables them to get started quickly at a low cost. However, when businesses have stabilized, they tend to switch to VPS because it offers greater customization of the web host. Interserver provides a wide range of plans for virtual private servers on linux, window or storage storage operating system. Clients can also customize their virtual private servers according to their requirement. Clients can state how many cores that they want, size of memory, RAM required by them. It allows clients to customize their virtual private servers to accommodate their domain.  

Self-Healing Hardware:-

Interserver includes self-healing hardware that decreases the probability of server downtime for clients using their services. Self-healing of hardware means that when there’s a glitch on the server the artificial intelligence system of the Interservers will find the vulnerability of the hardware and will redirect it to another node. As it happens very fast the users and clients employees using the server will not be able to find out there is any problem during their work or surfing. 

Better Collaboration:-

Interserver includes self-healing hardware that decreases the probability of server downtime for clients using their services. Even if various team members are located in different places. Interserver can help them access files and transfer data to each other through the web servers. Virtual private servers increase the collaboration between various employees.


  1. It provides unlimited storage hosting and provides free installation of SSL certificates.
  2. It provides a solid state drive which provides fast speed.


  1. Not timely support sometimes which may result in loss if you are urgent.
  2. cPannel is complicated for new users.


Interserver is a web hosting services and domain provider. It offers various types of services that clients can use to improve their web hosting experience. Many people generally like its low-cost web hosting.



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