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iTranslate Voice

iTranslate Voice is a translation software that can translate voice-to-voice, text-to-text, or picture-to-text on the go. Its feature:-

  • Text Translation
  • Offline Translation
  • Camera Translation
  • Voice Translation


iTranslate was established in 2009 by Alexander Marktl, Andreas Dolinsek, and Richard Marktl in Graz, Steiermark, Austria. iTranslate language translation software helps in enabling travelers, businesses, students, and various other professionals to read, write, and speak in all languages of the world anywhere.

People around the world have diverse languages that they use to communicate in their daily life, almost all countries in the world have different languages and some have more than one. To communicate with people for either business or just for travel or to make friends we need to be able to understand their language and they should ours to be able to communicate with them.


Text Translation:




iTranslate text translator which can translate more than 100 languages. It helps users to translate text into many different languages which can help them in traveling, doing business, and making friends from different countries. It works on desktops, android mobile, iOS Mobile, I Pad, etc. We can also use translated text to speak out in the form of audio. It works in both online and offline modes.

iTranslate text translator can be integrated into other apps to help users translate text in those apps which can effectively improve user’s efficiency in the translation of documents of text in other forms. 


Voice Translation:



Generally, when traveling we don’t know the language of the local area or have any translation equipment, faculties, or devices that can help us understand, as these people do not need to understand other languages to communicate in their local area. But for travelers, professionals, or businessmen, it can make them hit the wall at every turn, which can deeply reduce their enthusiasm for travel, official work, or doing business. But iTranslate Voice translator can directly help them capture the voice of others and translate it so that users can understand what others are saying. It can also convert the words we have written or spoken into other languages that we can use mobile speakers to talk with people. Greatly easing the language barrier for businessmen, professionals, and travelers. It can work both online and offline, but offline has fewer languages.


Camera Translation:



iTranslate provides a camera translation that can scan images to provide us with the translation of a text written in the image. This type of translation function can provide users with the function to convert the text in images, posters, menus, etc into language that can be understood by them. With this function, users don’t have to worry that they will not be able to read road signs, images, menus, posters, etc. When traveling or during business it can help us to read the text and understand it.


Keyboard Translation:




iTranslate integrates into your apps which can effectively help you translate words that you type into the language you want them to. This function can help us in making friends from other countries or with people with different languages. It can integrate into other apps helping users not only with text messaging translation, but it helps with email, text, notes, and drafts.



  1. It helps users to talk in a different language with others.
  2. It can help in translating text in any image.


  1. It should have a feature that should allow us to charge for one day or even weeks as most travelers need not use it for a month.



If we have a need for voice translation, camera translation, and keyboard translation and do not want to open google apps for translating text when needed then it is very good translation software. As it is a paid service and they provide many translation functions, if we need these services then it is worth the money.



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