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Lavu is a point-of-sale solution made for restaurants, nightclubs, bars, etc. Some of its features are:-

  • Self-ordering kiosk
  • Payment processing
  • Cash discount program with dual pricing
  • Invoice Management
  • Online ordering


Lavu is an POS for iPad which was founded in 2010 by Andy Lim. It provides restaurants or other retail shops with a Point-Of-Sales System which can help them in increasing revenue. Companies using it are Tierra Libre, Village cafe, Strada Grill, Picnic’s Pizza and Grille, etc.


Point-Of-Sales System:

Lavu point-of-sales system allows restaurants to organize the hardware and system to meet their condition, not to let them change to meet the Lavu Point-of-Sales system. It runs on iPad technology which is to learn and manage, resulting in the process of training of personnel is faster and easier for the clients. 


It provides self-serve kiosks to restaurants where the customers can make their order from self-serve kiosks which does not require any personal deployment so  the customers can take their time and discuss all the choices and make the design on what they want. The order that is received will be directly sent to the kitchen display system where it will directly add to the queue to be served dishes. It can increase revenue of the restaurant by increasing the order volume of the restaurant. It allows restaurants to keep their line shorts and digital menu of kiosks allow clients to upgrade it to have many add-ons and pay directly at the kiosks.


Lavu’s Cash Discount Program:

Lavu’s point-of-sale system includes Lavu’s Cash Discount Program, which effectively assists clients and customers in reducing their credit card fees. It allows both the client and customer to pay in cash and receive a discount on the credit card fee that they would otherwise need to pay. This process includes that when customers are ready to pay the bill we can just tell them that cash payment has a discount and tell them differences between the bill amount or just show them the two bills on handheld devices.


Payment Processing:

Payment process is the most important part of the link of the restaurant as the customers had their meal and now they want to leave for work or home. The faster and easier this process is, the more it is liked by the customers giving them a sense of satisfaction. Lavu accepts all types of payment processes like credit card, debit card, online payments from different wallets, through Lavu pay, Apple pay allowing customers to easily pay the bill the way they want. Lavu has a cash discount feature which allows customers to avoid paying the processing fee of their payment method by restaurants giving discounts on processing fee prices with cash payment.       

Online Ordering:

Lavu point-of-sales has an online ordering feature allowing clients to open an online ordering system for their restaurant. They can increase their revenue. Lavu POS will sync the online order with the restaurant order in the kitchen display system of Lavu POS system. It  allowing clients to keep their orders in order. 

It also allows the integration of online and offline orders which can complete the synchronizer of the order allowing restaurants to avoid the mistake of taking orders and not being able to provide the dishes.

By opening our own online ordering process we can avoid the third party fee required to pay on every bill. It also allows us to form our own complete delivery system and not charge a third party. At the same time clients can provide brand experiences to customers both offline and online.        



Lavu POS offers its own integrations for marketing and invoice management systems, which clients can use to boost their revenue through targeted marketing provided by Lavu. This enables clients to easily execute their marketing strategy. Its marketing allows restaurants to increase the order volume through both online ordering and restaurant ordering. 

Its invoicing system can take care of the invoice of the restaurant. It allows clients to have access to invoices when they need it. It also provides analytic services to restaurants by analyzing the invoice and providing the data required to clients in formats. And that are easy to understand for clients.

Its third party integration can fully cover the needs of clients in any type of restaurant business.  



  1. It provides a complete POS management system.
  2. Its Cash Discount Program allows clients and customers to save money. 


  1. Sometimes the help desk is not able to solve the problem.
  2. It has provided its own software for integration, making bill payment increasing it should be in a single package.



Lavu is a POS system designed for restaurants to achieve the task of completing the tedious work in a restaurant. It allows  software automatically  to do work to clients. The clients have free time to manage their restaurants with higher efficiency and revenue.



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