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Lightspeed Retail

Lightspeed Retail is a point-of-sales platform that helps Brick and mortar retailers to combine their physical sales into online sales in one platform. Some of the functions available are :-

  •  Point of Sale 
  • Payments 
  • Inventory Management 
  • eCommerce 
  • Marketing & Loyalty 


Lightspeed Point-Of-Sales system. It was founded in 2005 by Dax da Silva in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Companies using Lightspeed are Montreal Alouettes, Blazer & Bottoms, Kotsu Ramen & Gyoza, Beermash, Philip Morris & Son. Any type of POS system is divided into two parts: front-end and back-end systems, providing clients with the means to effectively and efficiently manage their store.


Lightspeed Point-Of-Sales System:


Front-end Hardware:

To operate any Point-Of-Sales System, it necessitates qualified hardware to ensure seamless customer service. As an iPad-based point-of-sales system, Lightspeed Point-Of-Sales System equips clients with all the necessary extensions needed to establish their POS systems. Its hardware consists of Receipt Printers, Cash Drawers, Barcode scanner, Bluetooth card scanner, mobile tap and pay, etc. 

Lightspeed Point-Of-Sales system provides retail clients with all the hardware required by them to start working in their stores or in online shops opened by them.


Back-end hardware:

A single retail store does not require Back-end Hardware, it can be used when the store is both online and offline or there are more than one retail store. It allows clients to have detail of their stores in real-time


Inventory management system:

For any clients that sell their products both online and offline inventory management is an important factor which can either increase their revenue or decrease it. Without accurate inventory clients have to face many issues that can not be avoided. If a customer orders any products from online store and pay for it than clients have to deliver such products to customers, but if due to improper management of inventory the product orders are out-of-stock than clients won’t be able to deliver the said product resulting in having to losses the customers as they will not happy with such services. Which can lead to loss of reputation and customers, for any brand this is the worst experience they can give to their customers. 

With Lightspeed Inventory Management System clients can track their inventory in real-time by mobile phones, laptops, Workstation, or any devices that have internet access. We can make variants for different products based on color, size etc allowing the clients to better manage their inventory and customers can directly select the desired products form the inventory and place order allowing the clients to increase revenue and give better services to customers.



Lightspeed Inventory:-

In the Lightspeed Inventory Management System, clients have the capability to directly make purchases and place orders for their inventory. This functionality empowers clients to keep their inventory levels up to date as they receive new orders from suppliers. We can purchase products needed by a single store or purchase it in bulk or make purchases for different stores at the same time. With Lightspeed Inventory Management System clients can make special customized delivery for customers if required.

In Lightspeed Inventory Management System clients can import new products instantly and can also manage the products prices across different channels in a single software allowing the clients to free from opening and changing prices in different store, they can also set up bulk purchases prices if required at the same time set up promotional events for for various holidays and other activities.

Its inventory counting tools allow the clients to easily manage their inventory and set up notification for low inventory.


Lightspeed Analytics system:

Clients can employ the Lightspeed Analytics system to transform the raw data collected by the system into informative analytics charts. This enables clients to gain a deeper understanding of their customers, staff, inventory, and sales reports.

Lightspeed Analytics System allows clients to keep track of customers purchasing habits and make customer profiles allowing the clients to make targeted marketing to provide customers what they want to buy. It can also provide reports on what is trending and hot selling commodities across your stores both online and offline.



With Analytics reports of staff clients can find the sales data of their staff. It allow them to clearly see which staff is performing well and who requires training. Clients can also find the optimal number of staff required for running the store. This allows clients to maximize the role of staff and increase revenue and efficiency. Analytics reports can be utilized by clients to identify the optimal timing for restocking their inventory. Also to determine which products are likely to perform better in terms of sales. Sales analysis report allows clients to have a full overview of their sales on any given day.

Lightspeed Point-Of-Sales System allows clients to access these data from any mobile device with internet access.


Payment Processing System:

Lightspeed Payment Processing System helps clients to receive payments from customers. It allows clients to receive all types of payment from customers. Its mobile counters allow clients to receive payment from customers anywhere in store. Clients can even receive payment outside the store if there is internet access.

It accepts all major credit and debit cards and online mobile payment apps.



It allows integration of 3rd party apps allowing clients to manage all their work from any dashboard.



  • It has a simple and user-friendly interface.


  • There should be admin and regular users account access.



Lightspeed Point-Of-Sales System is an iPad-based POS system that helps clients to manage anytype of store both online and offline and have full control over their store from anywhere with internet access.



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