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MediaValet is a Software-as-a-Service digital asset management system that provides clients with the way to organize, search, collaborate, share, and protect their files. Its features:

  • User, Role, and Access Management
  • Workflow Management
  • Analytics
  • Organizational Interface


MediaValet is a Software-as-a-Service digital asset management system that provides clients with the way to organize, search, collaborate, share, and protect. It was founded in 2010 by David MacLaren in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It is trusted by companies Hello Fresh, Hard Rock Hotel, Arkiden, Atomic, Pendo, Vertex, etc.



MediaValet digital asset management system allows clients to create the organization structure that they want for their team. It allows them to use different categories to organize their library in the way that makes sense to them, allowing team members to quickly find the data they need and have access to. MediaValet has the function of letting the clients and their teams preview the files they want to see in MediaValet directly allowing them to see if the file fits their needs. It is a cloud based software which allows the clients to work on their project from anywhere in the world if there’s internet connection available. 

MediaValet provides clients custom user permission by using which clients can assign their team members different permission according to their requirement. Its Version control is used by the team members to select the right version of the asset needed by them. MediaValet keeps the edited version of various files which allow clients to have a wide range to select from.




In the brand huge library there is a lot of data which is important but many times due to need of urgency clients and their teams can not find the data they are searching for so they have to remake them which cost money. However, the MediaValet search function empowers clients to tag various files. These tags can be employed to search for the specific files that clients need. MediaValet  artificial intelligence allows clients to search files based on size, rating, status, file type, and custom metadata.

Using MediaValet, clients have the capability to create unlimited categories for organizing files into distinct groups. This ensures that files can be easily located when necessary, effectively preventing the proliferation of duplicates. Advanced search and artificial intelligence allow clients to streamline their search with option unique attributes, status, time parameter, file type, star rating, etc. It can search text in the image to give us the file we are searching for.




MediaValet offers clients the ability to create shareable web pages through its portals. Clients can share these pages with various partners, who can then download the files from the portal for use wherever needed. Clients can customize these to give them the look of their brand, they can create different types of portals for different use and give access to people who require it. For core brand asset sharing, clients have the option to password-protect portals. Clients can choose to make portals public, thereby enabling individuals to download files from the portal if they have a link to it.

Clients and their teams can generate a shared link for any file, which they can then send to their collaborators. These links can feature password protection or time expiration, assisting clients in safeguarding their digital assets. It comes with features which allow clients to resize the image according to predetermined size or we can specify the size required. Clients can generate CDN links for their files which allow them to directly embed these images or videos into their website or other places where needed. We can also send files to social media marketing and management tools which maintain brand social media accounts.




MediaValet is designed for scale, operating on the principle of “crawl, walk, and run.” This empowers clients to advance at their individual paces. Clients can onboard MediaValet with their current project and when their work efficiency improves they can upload their old digital assets. MediaValet provides an unlimited number of users for the clients team. Clients can give different users different permissions with which they can access that data stored in the MediaValet library.    




Data is very important in digital society and there are people who are always after others’ data. MediaValet stores clients data in Microsoft Azure. It provides clients with the option to select a data center of Microsoft Azure. It provides primary and secondary data centers both with three copies. Which means that clients data is safe in two different locations which provide a solid guarantee for client data. MediaValet is GDPR, CCPA and PIPEDA compliant, and is able to assist customers with their Data Processing Agreement requirements. It provides audit logs for every operation that happens on any digital assets in MediaValet.    



  1. It provides a large amount of storage and unlimited storage.
  2. User friendly interface.


  1. Portals are inflexible. 
  2. It takes some time to become proficient in using it.


MediaValet is a good software which allows clients to manage their digital assets. It may not provide much integration but clients can use an open API to integrate the software that they are comfortable with. It is a good choice for small and medium business owners.



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