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Movista has a retail execution and workforce platform, it provides businesses with optimization and increased efficiency in workforce and management. Its features are :-

  • Platform Overview
  • Retail Execution
  • Retail Collaboration
  • Retail Operations
  • Retail Workforce Management
  • Communications
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Movista is a Retail Execution Software-as-a-Services platform that provides space for storing files to manage in-store work and manage products on store shelves easily. It integrates all the functionality into a single dashboard allowing for better execution by clients. Movista was founded in 2010 by April Seggebruch and Stan Zylowski in Bentonville, Arkansas, USA. It is trusted by companies like Kehe, Hallmark, Nintendo, Pepsi, Lindt, Tree of Life, Blackhawk Network, etc.


Store Tasking and Merchandising Execution:

Movista is a unified platform that helps clients to manage their store team tasking both online and offline. It helps clients by preventing duplication of work, increases performance and reduces the risk of stock out of stock. Its role based tasking allows team leaders to give work directly to the workforce individually allowing them to have full control of tasks and their workforce. Individuals can directly give the work completion report with photos of task embeds with Geo-location, timestamp, signature to their team leader to verify their work and submit work completion. 

There are many time sensitive tasks that when completed in time will make the store have losses, these types of tasks are under monitor by Movista allowing them to be upgraded and sent to the workforce for compilation under system-driven escalations. Movista allows the sharing of multimedia files through its dashboard allowing workforce to share their task compilation, store audit through movista. Clients can connect assets like images, videos, or instruction manuals to Movista dashboard which can be used by the workforce when needed.  


Scheduling and Workforce Enablement:

Movista dashboard can provide better labor scheduling to clients with their in-build optimization which can be customized according to clients’ wishes. It allows clients to have control over the attendance of the workforce with movista with its built-in time clock which can track the workforce by counting the time they have spent on various work done. With it advanced workforce management clients can match the right job to the right employees allowing the clients to have more control over their workforce as they can send the inactive workforce the work on other arrangements when required. It can increase the work efficiency of the workforce. Movista dashboard generates BI reports for the clients workforce allowing clients to see the performance of various workers and calculate the speed at which workers can complete the work assigned, improving the work completion rate of workers.



Workers Payroll allows clients to have a better understanding of their workforce and their time management. Movista automatically tracks payroll based on time management based on tracking of mobile apps, it also includes automatic mileage tracking which can help clients track not only their time spent on the road as well distance traveled. Field team members can upload their expenses during the field visit, and clients can track and approve it on Movista dashboard. Movista features an integrated training center that clients can employ to import new instructional materials for front-line workers. This tool assists clients in ensuring their teams remain up-to-date and achieve improved results.



Item Management and Ordering:

Clients Team members can use Movista mobile app to integrate into their Enterprises resource planning function allowing them to know the level of stock available and order the item needed on-time. It increases the product freshness, on-shelf availability, less dead stock, etc increasing the efficiency of clients stores. Movista can help clients to manage SUK numbers from a few hundred to a few thousands. It has notification system which will notify the client when the stock is out of stock or if the client has set a lower limit for stock for notification it will also notify the clients. 




Movista integrates shelf auditing, providing clients with the capability to assign audit tasks to front-line workers. These tasks can encompass both automated and manual audit processes. With mobile users they can quickly audit the inventory and update the inventory. Front line workers know best about the stock in the store so Movista dashboard allows them to order new stock and place returns for their goods. Movista updates the stock list constantly which provides the worker with detailed knowledge about the stock they have. 


Communications and Collaboration:

Movista incorporates an integrated communication tool that clients and their teams utilize for mutual contact. Through this tool, they can engage in chat conversations, commonly employed for one-on-one communication. This functionality facilitates team members to communicate and collaborate seamlessly as required. Additionally, it features a group chat function that empowers clients to establish customized groups. Clients can utilize these groups to convey messages to specific sets of individuals, thereby promoting inter-group communication. Moreover, clients can leverage this dashboard to broadcast messages to all employees, particularly for disseminating tasks or sharing critical notifications.



  1. It has a mobile application which is very helpful to front-line workers.
  2. Clients can use this versatile software to comprehensively manage their retail stores.


  1. It may take time to learn this software as it is large in size.



It is a SaaS retail execution and management software that allows clients to have better control over their retail store. It allows clients to give tasks to all front-line team members from single dashboard. Clients can manage their entire store with one dashboard.



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