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Mural is a collaborative intelligence software that helps clients to capture and analyze ideas and create custom workflows to handle project management operations across teams. Its features :

  • Collaborative Editing
  • Single Sign-On (SSO)
  • Sharing and Commenting
  • Permissions Restriction


Mural is a collaborative intelligence software that helps organizations to analyze, share and create their ideas into creative works. Organizations have the ability to generate custom workflows for project management purposes. Mariano Suarez-Battan, Johnny Halife, and Pato Jutard founded it in 2011 in San Francisco, California, United States. It holds the trust of companies such as IBM, Steelcase, Jacobs, Capco, GitHub, Autodesk, Atlassian, and more.



Mural serves as a design and creative collaborative software, enabling team members to share their ideas and fostering enhanced collaboration regardless of their geographic locations. It allows team members to create various different types of collaboration whiteboards allowing them to choose what is best for them in any creation scenario. It offers various types of templates that team members can utilize in diverse scenarios, enabling them to generate different whiteboards as needed. Pre-Built templates allow team members to have a better understanding of what they are going to do in the present collaborative session. Team members have the option to create custom templates either from the whiteboards they are actively working on or by designing dedicated whiteboards intended to serve as templates.


Mural - templates


Mural has differentiated the different types of templates into different categories that are easier for team members to find; they can also collect the templates they have created into different categories allowing them to have direct access to the templates they have created. Team members can also starred the templates they think are useful for easy access in future.



Mural comes with many functions required by team members to create good collaborative work. Clients’ team members can utilize Mural sticky notes to provide reminders to their fellow team members who are engaged in collaborative projects. These sticky notes serve as a means for team members to share their ideas with one another, thereby contributing to the success of their collaborative efforts. They can be employed not only for sharing ideas but also for adding task items, requests, or any other textual content. These sticky notes offer versatility in size and color, enabling team members to express varied ideas and requests through different colors and shapes.


Mural - features


Mural offers an infinite and resizable canvas that clients’ team members can utilize to create canvases of any desired length. Clients have complete control over the canvas and can give different team members different levels of permission allowing them to focus on their work and not worry about other team members not completing tasks. Collaborators can be granted either limited viewing access or full access equivalent to that of facilitators. This feature aids collaborators in tracking the project’s progress. Also enables them to provide input on sections that require improvement or revision.



Mural features a dotted canvas that team members can utilize to create a variety of shapes. Additionally, it provides a range of shapes that can be connected or edited to generate diagrams or mappings for various types of images. It allows team members to quickly build visualization of flows, maps, processes, hierarchies, journeys and etc that they want to build. Clients can import photos, GIFs, or other images from their computer allowing them to better complete the project. Various features allows team members to complete their work better. It includes a timer function that team members can use to meet work deadlines or to test various tasks within specified time limits. Team members themselves determine the approach for using it.


Mural - features


Mural offers various communication methods that team members can utilize based on their needs. It features a built-in chat group that team members can use to collaborate, enhancing project quality and group efficiency. Clients can also share the link with their collaborators who don’t have a mural account to watch the project. People with an account can edit the projects. Clients can decide if the people with the link shared are for viewing only or they can edit the projects. Clients can make the link disabled anytime they want to better protect the security of the project. Collaborators and partners can view the project and leave comments to team members.  It allows team members to better serve the clients and their collaborators.



Clients have the option to integrate Mural into their daily workspace, enabling them to make improved work decisions. Integration with Mural will allow clients to have better work efficiency and faster production.



  1. It allows large teams to work remotely.


  1. It is difficult for a first time user to learn without workshops and training courses.



Clients can use this collaborative intelligence software to enhance their work experiences in project creation using Mural. It is low in cost and friendly for small and medium size businesses and teams.



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