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Namecheap is a web hosting and domain name registrar company that helps clients with their various web hosting and domain requirements. Its features are:-

  • Domain Name Search
  • Domain transfer
  • Handshake domains
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting


Namecheap is a web hosting and domain name registrar company that is accredited by Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. It was founded by Richard Kirkendall in 2000 in Phoenix, Arizona. It is trusted by companies like Figma, imgur, Buffer, Privacy, etc.


Domain Name Search:-


Namecheap provides clients with a better service option and allows them to search for the domain name that they want. It provides a domain name search function where clients can search for the domain name for their business. It allows clients to find the domain name easily just by searching for it on the domain name search bar. If the domain that the clients want to take is already acquired then it will also provide some other domain name suggestions which are not taken by others. change into active voice

Best way to find a domain name for the work that they want to do is to take a pen and paper and write down various names associated with the client’s work. It allows clients to get a large number of relevant words that can be used by the clients to search for domain names for their business. Then clients can search various words on the domain name search bar allowing clients to find the right domain name for their business. 

Clients can also make an offer to others when they see a domain name that they want but is already taken by others. Buying domain names for others is also a way to get the domain name that they want. Clients can buy domain names after searching for them very easily. Clients will also have various options to acquire the support software they require to manage their website and web servers.


Domain transfer:-




Namecheap provides domain transfer services to their clients; it allows them to transfer their hosting from other web hosting services to Namecheap hosting. It is very easy for clients to transfer their hosting for other hosting platforms to Namecheap. Namecheap provides a domain name transfer search bar that can be used by clients to check whether they can transfer their hosting to Namecheap.  



If clients want to transfer their domain hosting to Namecheap then clients can search their domain in the domain search bar provided by Namecheap to find their domain. After finding them they will get the various requirements that will be needed to complete the domain transfer to Namecheap. Clients need to get the authorization code from their current registrar and then apply to Namecheap to buy their domain transfer services. Namecheap completes their domain transfer from 30 min to 6 days. Namecheap also provides services that allows clients’ domains not to be shutdown during domain transfer. 


Handshake domains:-


Namecheap also provides a new type of Handshake domain also called Handshake Naming System. It is a peer to peer network that uses blockchain technology. This allows clients to bypass the traditional organizations and registries and allows them to create domains that are not under the control of these organizations. It offers more freedom, control, and security over your domain. 

Handshake Domains are similar to traditional domains that clients can use to obtain a domain name not influenced by traditional organizations, governments, or various other factors. They are used to create a decentralized internet, providing clients with better control, security, and greater freedom to do as they please with their domain. Handshake domain does not require any Certificate Authority to verify their verification and security, instead clients can sign and control their own private key for authentication purposes. It also offers many unique web addresses that clients can use to create distinctive websites.


Shared Hosting:-


Namecheap also provides shared hosting services to clients which allows them to host multiple websites on the same server. Clients who are starting their website and do not have much demand for servers generally use shared hosting. Clients can ask for shared hosting which can save them cost in the early stage of the website. Even websites used for private purposes or by a small number of people, such as those for libraries, schools, or similar entities, are hosted using shared hosting. This allows clients to keep their cost low and get the server’s resources that they need. 


WordPress Hosting:-


Namecheap also offers WordPress Hosting, which enables clients to create and host WordPress websites for their business or other needs. Namecheap provides EasyWP, offering clients an easy way to manage their websites with great ease. Its cloud sharing technology allows them to give better experiences when clients manage their WordPress hosting. As the website is on cloud there is very low chances for server failure.  



EasyWP by Namecheap allows clients to manage all of their websites from a single dashboard. Using EasyWP clients can manage their domain name, they can even change their domain name for EasyWP if they want. EasyWP allows clients to easily manage their websites and domains even if they don’t have much technical knowledge and can’t write codes.  


Virtual Private Server Hosting:-


Namecheap offers clients virtual servers that they can use to host their websites. It allows them to create private servers with predetermined resources. It is the same as shared hosting but it provides greater customization and control ability to the clients. Namecheap allows clients to customize their own Virtual Private Servers, clients can choose the Full root access and Operating System according to their needs. It also provides clients with various firewall and malware protection systems and hard drives that it uses are solid state drives.  


Dedicated Server Hosting:-


Big companies generally use Dedicated Server Hosting because it offers a dedicated server that clients can fully customize, including performance and security. Namecheap offers free migration services to clients who wish to switch their servers. It also provides a separate Cisco/Juniper-powered network that clients can use to easily handle any traffic load.




  1. It provides various series at low prices.
  2. It provides a good control panel for clients’ websites.



  1. Price for renewal increases when it’s time to renew. It is higher than the cost of the new offer. 
  2. Namecheap might try to upsell clients with some products and clients need to check them out if they don’t want to pay extra money.




Namecheap is a web hosting and domain services provider. It provides low cost services that are very suitable for different business groups.



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