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NRC Aloha POS: It is a point of sales platform which provides clients with all the services required for digitization of their restaurants. Its features are as follows:

  • Employee and Inventory Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Payment Gateway
  • Takeout & Delivery
  • Menu Building


NCR Aloha Point-Of-Sales system is an all in one feature POS system for restaurants. It helps run better by providing various services which can help clients to run their restaurant more easily and orderly. It is trusted by companies like Waffle House, Taco Heads, Allegacy, Woolworths, Northgate Market, etc.


Aloha Restaurant POS:

Aloha hardware systems include desktops, tablets, and handheld or mobile devices. With the group of hardware systems restaurants can increase their efficiency by using various functions of NCR Aloha. Clients can integrate their online ordering system into Aloha allowing them to manage their online order at a single dashboard. Using handheld or mobile devices employees can take orders from the guest at the table which will be in sync with the kitchen allowing employees to directly send orders to the back kitchen with their handheld devices. It reduces food waste and the efficiency of the kitchen is increased. Handheld devices can also be used to collect payment from guests allowing them to pay at their table. 



With Aloha Restaurant POS dashboard it allows clients to make changes in menu in real-time. Clients can remove the items that are out of stock or make different menus for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The dashboard also allows them to see the overall view of their restaurant from any mobile devices anywhere. NCR Aloha Restaurant POS provides clients with an offline payment system which can process payment even if the system is offline due to loss of internet.  


Inventory & Labor Management Systems:

Aloha inventory management systems allow clients to manage their inventory across their stores with a single management tool. It provides clients with a way to calculate their inventory cost in real time based on current pricing. Clients can perform actual and theoretical cost comparisons using the system. It offers numerous report templates that clients can employ to generate various types of reports according to their specific needs.

The labor management system is utilized to create employee schedules, effectively minimizing wasted time and unnecessary work hours. Through analysis of reports, clients can ascertain the optimal number of employees needed for each store, and if necessary, surplus employees can be redirected to other stores. It provides an easy to read interactive schedule for employees to allow them to know more about their next shift. It also provides an easy way for employees to apply for leave. The system compiles all the work hours to provide clients with the required payroll information.


Restaurant Order & Kitchen Management system:

Aloha provides clients with hardware for the kitchen which can gather orders from various handheld machines or from the counter. The system can directly transmit online orders to the kitchen, resulting in a significant enhancement of kitchen efficiency. It enables the storage of recipes in the system, complete with predetermined ingredient ratios. This ensures that the chef and other staff can maintain consistency in the taste and quality of food prepared.



Clients can set different color codes for indoors and online orders and can even sub-divide them into different colors according to their wish. Clients can view the status of different orders on their phones, granting them a comprehensive understanding of the progress of various orders. It also comes with forecasting capabilities which allow the kitchen to make preparation in advance.


Payment Management system:

Receiving payment from guests and online ordering is very important, if there is an unsecured processing method then both clients and guests may have to suffer losses. Aloha payment management system allows clients to have a secured payment platform with which they can engage in various types of payment methods allowing guest and online users to pay using various methods available.



It has a chargeback management system which allows clients to manage their chargeback in one place.  The Aloha POS system promptly credits all received payments to the client’s bank account within 24 hours, ensuring that clients receive their funds in a timely manner.



  1. It has good customer services for clients that have problems.
  2. Its dashboard allows clients to manage their store.
  3. It can integrate with existing POS hardware and systems.


  1. It does not provide a contactless card payment method.
  2. Payroll is an additional and does not come with Aloha POS.



NCR Aloha Point-Of-Sales System which allows clients to digitize their restaurants allowing them to increase their competitiveness and efficiency of the restaurant. It’s convenient and easy dashboard allows clients to manage their restaurants easily from anywhere anytime.



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