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Nextiva is a voice-over-internet-protocol platform that allows companies to connect their communication system through the internet and manage them better. Its features are:-

  • Phone System
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Media Management
  • Contact Center


Nextiva is a cloud based communication company that uses Voice-Over-Internet-Protocol (VoIP) to support its various features. It was founded in 2006 by Tomas Gorny in  Scottsdale, Arizona, United States. It is trusted by companies like Taco Bell, Cisco, Poly, Panasonic, vTech, United Way, YMCA, etc.


Phone System:

With VoIP services, clients can use them to establish their workplace or business phone system, which clients can use to manage calls from various customers. It can integrate various APIs of different software allowing clients to manage all their data through a single dashboard at Nextiva. Nextiva offers clients a VoIP system that clients can use to generate various workplace numbers for employees to call customers or receive calls from them. Its help desk software automatically adds new customer details into the built-in sales CRM, saving all transaction and communication details for use by other employees when needed.



Clients can also use Nextiva to engage in video chats within their companies with different employees. This allows employees to hold small meetings from their workstations or even when they are not present in the office. Employees can also send voicemail or chat to other employees allowing them to communicate with each other to reduce all the extra work they need to do individually. It includes mobile applications that clients can use on both Android and iOS systems, enabling them to access their VoIP number through the app. Clients can use Nextiva through their work station allowing them to use all its functions without any desk phone. It can run directly on any type of computer allowing clients to choose their workstation according to their needs. Clients can also create a phone desk system for their business if they require using Nextiva.



Conferencing Services:-

Nextiva also offers online conferencing services that clients can use to host meetings, even when all the participants are scattered in various parts of the world. Clients can schedule meetings by integrating their calendar into Nextiva, giving them a better grasp of the various functions available to them. Using Nextiva’s chat function, employees can engage in discussions about various tasks or share important work-related information with each other.



Nextiva provides real-time call tracking along with allowing them to make analytic reports with all the historical data required from a single dashboard. Analytic reports allow clients to see the performance of all their employees allowing them to have complete understanding of their employees performance.



Nextiva is also collaboration software that can be used by employees to increase their productivity. Employees can use its chat function to engage in one on one talk, groups talk with their teammates or customers. They can quickly share information with their teammates and partners using the chat function. Clients can integrate their calendars into Nextiva allowing them to pre-arrange meetings in their calendar. 



Nextiva has a video meeting function that allows team members to gather together in a single video meeting. Allowing them to share their thoughts about the projects with all the team members. Clients can pre-arrange the meeting on any given day allowing various participants to gather before the meeting starts. Nextiva allows clients to share their files with each other and can share their screen with other team members. Clients can log in into the meeting room with any mobile device having the internet. And invite others who don’t have Nextiva with outbound links. 



Clients can create rooms for different projects. Allowing team members who work on these projects to have a single dashboard where they can collaborate with each other. They can also share files and screens with each other. It gives them a better understanding of the project they are working on. 


Contact Center:

Nextiva offers a Contact Center that clients can utilize to establish their customers’ contact centers. This enables customers and other business partners to reach the agents working in the contact centers through calling, video, email, and SMS. It allows clients to be in touch with their customers to solve any needs the customers have. Nextiva intelligent virtual agents (IVA) allow clients to give customers basic information when agents are busy during the inbound calls or when the agents are off duty.




  1. It provides mobile apps and desktop options for employees.


  1. Setting it up can be difficult.



Nextiva is a cloud based VoIP that provides a complete communication solution for both desktop and mobile phones. Allowing clients to run their VoIP system from both desktop or mobile phones. It is good for medium and large businesses.



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