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PayJunction provides small and medium-sized businesses with its pos machine, which accepts all cards and online payment methods. Some of its functions are:- 

  • Smart Terminals
  • Mobile app
  • Remote signature
  • Invoices
  • ACH Electronic Checks
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PayJunction is a payment processing platform that provides businesses with the way to process transactions easier, secure, and more effectively. It provides complete contactless payment, online transaction, supports credit and debit cards and various mobile wallets. Eric Wernicke, Randy Modos, and William Skidmore founded it in 2000 in Santa Barbara, California, United States. Companies such as SYCLE LLC, MongoDB Inc, Valeo SA, Autozone Inc, Computer Design and Integration LLC, and others place their trust in it.


Accept Payments:

PayJunction provides digital services to businesses, it provides Digital invoices that can help businesses to increase their operational efficiency. Digital invoice can be linked to customers name or transaction id allowing clients to retrieve the data when required. Clients can make digital invoices and send it to customers who can complete the payment process from their own mobile devices. It can increase the security of transactions on the customer side as they don’t have to enter their card or bank details on any new devices. Once the payment is made an digital invoice will be sent to both client and customers allowing them to have confirmation of compilation of payment. 



With PayJunction clients can use the Automated Clearing House network (ACH) electronic checks to aspect payments which are faster than normal check methods. PayJunction has the capability to store customers’ account information, which they can utilize for subsequent payments. Additionally, it offers clients notifications in case of payment failures and facilitates the export of a list of failed payments. This enables clients to take swift follow-up actions.

PayJunction also provides a merchant account and payment gateway for ecommerce platforms by third-party shopping cart or hosted account. It allows clients to collect remote e-signature by sending them an email receipt of their purchase. At the same time it provides the clients with notification for every transaction to keep the client in loop. Clients have the option to personalize their bills and email notifications, giving customers a distinct appearance. Moreover, they can optimize it for use on their iPads or mobile phones through its mobile app.


Save Time:

PayJunction gives features to save the debit or credit cards and ACH details of customers allowing clients to process the payment using that saved information allowing for faster transaction. Clients can email the receipt to customers and receive the digital signature of the customer giving confirmation. PayJunction keeps the data of customers on their cloud platform allowing clients to worry less about PCI compliance as it supports PCI Level 1 security services. 



PayJunction aids clients in finalizing phone and online orders by procuring the necessary customer signature to complete the transaction. Clients can send email to customers when they place their order to receive their signature to complete the transaction and receive payment for the transaction. Clients can also ask for address verification or card verification by using AVS or CVV which allows clients not to send goods to fraudsters and lose the money and goods.  



In certain situations, when a completed transaction requires a refund for the customer, the typical procedure entails the customer visiting the clients’ establishment with a receipt. This necessitates an additional task for the customer to complete. But by using PayJunction clients can initiate the refund form its dashboard allowing quick and painless refund service for customers, it will increase the favorability of the customers. PayJunction provides a way for clients to easily collect recurring payments from customers after taking payment information on the first transaction. Clients can also receive real-time information of received and declined payments.  


Smart Terminals:

PayJunction can provide clients who require Portable sales terminals with it. PayJunction terminals can be used by clients to accept NFC contact less payment, swipe type, chip type, Google Pay, Apple Pay. Clients need to connect the terminal of POS to ethernet or modem with cable allowing it to get internet connection. It also provides clients with a wireless terminal that can be used by clients to take payment at anyplace. Clients synchronize portable terminals with virtual terminals on their dashboard to facilitate a range of payment processing. This arrangement enables clients to store all transaction records on the cloud through the terminal, ensuring accessibility when required.


  1. It has fast onboarding time.


  1. Its store is multi location and the transaction limit is different for every store.



PayJunction is a payment processing software that is mostly active in the USA. More than 80% of customers are from various regions of the USA. It provides small and medium business owners like dental clinics, small stores, vehicle vendors with payment processing software and hardware. It provides 1 day payment services which are generally preferred by small and medium business owners to have better cash flow.   



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