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Paytm Business

Paytm Business is a Digital payment-receiving software that allows business owners to receive payment from anyone in a matter of seconds. Some of its features are :-

  • Real-Time Payments
  • Recurring Billing
  • Accepted Credit Cards and Debit Cards
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • APIs
  • PCI Regulatory Compliance
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The Paytm Business offers versatile solutions for businesses for Accepting Payments through QR codes, UPI IDs, Online transition, POS machines, etc. It also provides online payment to businesses that have a website or apps through the SDK payment system of Paytm. The SDK system will directly transfer payment to the Paytm app when customers select the option of paying through Paytm which has banking details saved of the customer, with it payment can be completed in flash. It also allows us to generate payment links that can be sent to customers to receive payment. It provides wide variety of financial services.

Paytm has Paytm Banks which is an online banking tool that can open an online bank account for customers through mobile verification allowing customers to have an online banking platform. 


Accepts Payments:


In-store Payments:



Paytm provides stores with varieties of things required by them to accept payments from customers. The most basic of which is a QR code, which any business register will get as soon as they register with Paytm business.

From Paytm business, shops and other store businesses can ask for the sound box which will instantly notify the owner about the amount of money received in their Paytm account. There is also an All-in-One POS machine with which owners can swipe all kinds of cards. Paytm POS machines can also take money by generating dynamic QR codes and form international cards. 



Online Payments:

Online Payments are the trend of times; to increase revenue businesses tend to go online with their products, but the problem of receiving payments for goods will always come to the front of owners. Paytm provides all kinds of online payment solutions for businesses, which help them receive payments through online sales. 

Paytm offers an All-in-One SDK for online gateways in apps and on the web. This means that once a customer opts to pay using Paytm, the payment process is transferred to the Paytm app, where all payment details are stored for seamless and swift transitions.

All-In-One JS Checkout allows small and medium-sized businesses that have online businesses to integrate Paytm JS checkout into their website, through which customers can complete their payment quickly and easily, without integrating any other app.  




Paytm provides a link generator that can generate links to receive payments from the customer by directly sending them a link to process payment. This link provides flexibility, allowing us to send either a fixed link where the payment amount cannot be altered, or a link for partial payment only.


Paytm Banks:



Paytm provides Paytm Banks services that allow businesses to open a current account for day-to-day transition. In this account, we don’t need to add beneficiaries or need a cool-off period. We can transfer funds in bulk or through a single transition.



Paytm Bank allows the making of accounts with multiple authorities. In which others can transfer funds but just requires the main account holder’s permission. 



  1. It allows fast transfer of money from one account to another.
  2. The Paytm link allows us to send money without worry we will send it to the wrong account.
  3. It’s possible to transfer large amounts of funds internationally.


  1. If there is no internet access then it will become useless.
  2. I feel that Merchant Discount Rate is high for Paytm wallet and postpaid.



For small and medium businesses accustomed to cash payments, this software proves to be highly beneficial. Paytm allows them to have a digital transition power by which they can take all kinds of digital payments.



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