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PIM works

PIM Works is an product Information and Content Lifecycle management software that provides clients with complete management for their products. Its features:

  • Increased data accuracy
  • Simplified Workflow Management
  • Automated data Enrichment
  • OmniChannel Experiences
  • Digital Self Analytic


PIMworks is an product information Platform software that provides help to clients in the management of their product lifecycle. It increases the customer experiences provided by clients by providing them more and targeted information which increases customer experience. It was Co-founded by Narendra Kumar K in 2002 in India. Its current Headquarter is in New York, New York, United States. It is trusted by companies like ebay, sears, car toys, future electronics, ACE hardware, and etc. 


Automatic Data Enrichment:

Product landing pages and details pages provide a lot of information to the customer which can be used by them to get a better understanding of the product. With PIMworks clients can ensure to provide attractive content, product catalog completeness, and keep clients data safe in centralized repositories. It helps clients to maintain the business content standard for all products. Its centralized repositories are to filter and search for product attributes PIMworks provides clients with data that they are looking for enabling faster shopping and conversion of customers. 

PIMworks further enables clients to establish personalized search criteria, enhancing the competitive advantage of their products. This is implemented to guarantee that the information clients offer to their customers surpasses the quality of information provided by their competitors. PIMworks can also bring unique data and human touch to product information shone by clients. It also helps clients to manage their digital assets efficiently by having their product images, videos, pdf, etc in a single database which can provide easy access to product data, store and monitor them from the same dashboard.

PIMworks comes with a set of rules and guidelines which can help clients to be in compliance with various online marketplace rules. It updates product information in a way which is within the rules of the marketplace. It can help import various types of products in bulk without any latency and can also export the same to different markets with 100% accuracy. 


Multichannel syndication:

PIMworks have multi channel syndication which helps clients teams to work across multiple channels with the same product information. It provides the same data to different channels modified according to their guidelines and rules which allow these clients to have consistency across different channels in product information. It comes with a workflow dashboard which helps clients teams to increase their productivity, improve data quality, eliminate errors, and increase the speed at which product goes to the market. Its Artificial Intelligence software automatically collects data thereby cutting down cost and improving efficiency. 


Digital Asset Management:

In PIMworks digital asset management centralized repositories contain informative product images and attractive catalogs which influence customers buying. It provides customizable storage space which can hold a large amount of digital assets of clients, it can be upgraded to increase the space if required. It comes with cloud storage capability which allows clients to download and use these digital assets from any internet connected devices and increase their efficiency. Clients can maintain their digital assets, upload the files and easily search and retrieve these data from the cloud.

It also supports various file formats such as videos, GIFs, PDF files, etc., which are essential for distinguishing clients’ products from those of others. PIMworks provides centralized repositories which store all the digital assets of clients in a single place which can help maintain brand consistency, share them across the marketplace and improve customer satisfaction. 


Workflow management:

PIMworks workflow management dashboard allows different teams to connect together and share their work with each other. It allows teams to increase their efficiency which will increase the overall productivity. Additionally, it offers workflow automation that clients can use to streamline repetitive tasks. Thus eliminating redundant errors that often arise due to manual intervention. This results in increased productivity. PIMworks provides predefined rules and guidelines which can decrease the difficulty of making work automation.  

It allows clients to send tasks in bulk to different teams. It greatly increase the efficiency of giving tasks to various teams. They can also track and monitor the progress of tasks having full control of their teams and business. Its role management system allows clients to delegate different roles and permission to different team members. Clients can decide who will be able to see what. Clients can give different viewing permissions to different people according to their roles which can greatly increase the security of the digital Assets.  


Multiple Vendor Management:

In the PIMworks vendor management dashboard, clients have the capability to include various vendors in their dashboard. Subsequently, these vendors can utilize the dashboard to access information regarding products that the clients can process. Clients can set different permissions for different vendors allowing them to only see what clients want them to see. They can only see the product they are supplying and they cannot see the clients other vendors giving clients full control over vendors.



  1. It is very suitable for managing multiple SUKs.
  2. It is very good user friendly software with bulk data and integration ability.


  1. Automation of workflow should be more simplified.
  2. Its Digital assets management system 


It is good Product Information Management software. That provides all the things required by business to increase efficiency in product information management. It is good for small and medium size businesses who require such services.



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