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Plytix PIM

Plytix PIM is Software-as-a-Services that provide users with Product Information Management and Digital Asset Management service. It has the following features:-

  • Custom Reports and Dashboards
  • Performance and Reliability
  • API / Integrations
  • Localization
  • Access Rights
  • E-Commerce


Plytix PIM is a Cloud Based product information management tool that provides ways to manage their product information allowing them to share this information to various different channels and download or share it with different collaborators or partners. It was founded in 2014 by Morten Poulsen in Nordborg, Denmark. It is trusted by companies like ACE, Unilever, Food52, Apos, MAAP, EVEREVE, GUINNESS, etc.


Product Information Management:

Plytix PIM is a Cloud Based product information management tool allows clients to gather all their digital assets into a single platform. Clients can allow their teams to collaborate with each other to maintain their product information. Clients can collect and utilize all their product data from a single Product Information Management platform. This centralization enables them to exercise improved control over their product channels. Clients can manage their Font, color, images of brand on the same platform allowing them to have better Brand consistency in their products.


Plytix PIM info management


Clients can give their team members different positions allowing them to start working and not interface with each other. It can greatly increase the security of clients digital assets and product information management. Clients can embed their product information knowledge into their websites allowing the customer to have better information about any product that they want from the clients. Or they can share the information directly to various e-commerce integration provided by Plytic Product Information Management or export it in the form of CSV, PDF or XLSX. 


Plytix PIM information management


Plytix Product Information Management provides support for at least 100000 SKU. It allow clients to keep large amounts of product in their product information database. To find a single product in a vast database is a big job. Plytix allows clients to set different customized attributes to different products allowing them to be found easily. It also comes with a search engine that can be used to search various products with advanced filtering options. It allows bulk handling of the clients products which can help them by reducing work hours as they can complete all their work in a single click and won’t have to upload each data individually.



Clients can use various e-commerce platforms to sell their products. Plytix allows clients to integrate into various e-commerce platforms allowing them to have channels to send their product information directly from Plytix using Product feed URL. The product feed URL functions as a dynamic link that establishes a connection between clients’ Plytix system and their product channels. This connection facilitates the updating of product information across the channels whenever the product feed information URL is modified. Since different retailers require data in various formats, this can lead to the creation of a substantial number of files. Clients can upload templates the way they have to send these data to their retailers and Plytix will help them complete their spreadsheet allowing them to save time and give data to retailers in the way they want.


Plytix PIM channel


Users can create the integration for any e-commerce platform using  REST api. Which can help them to have better control over these e-commerce platforms. Clients can view the logs and check what has you or your teams have done in the past few months. It can also help clients to change these images by resigning or renaming these images allowing clients to complete different environments. Clients have the ability to define the specific data that requires updating. This empowers them to establish the timing for automatic uploads of the designated data.


Brand Portals:

Brand portals serve as online product catalogs that clients can employ to display their products to retailers, resellers, partners, and other relevant parties. Allowing clients and their partners to have a better grasp of the products. Product catalogs undergo synchronization with product information. This means that any modifications made to product information within the Plytix product information software will consequently result in corresponding changes to the information within the product catalogs. Clients can customize the Brand Portals allowing them to change font, color and other things according to the client’s brand.


Plytix PIM brand


Clients can embed the URL of product catalog into their websites allowing them use an iframe to complete the design. Customers have the option to utilize this link to acquire more information about products. Customers can extract the data from the product catalog into various file formats, including PDF, XLSX, CSV, and more. Additionally, media files will be downloaded in a zip format. PDF download files will be like a template for product catalog allowing them to have various data selected by us. Clients hold the authority to determine the content displayed in the Brand Portal, including attributes. They can hide products and other unsuitable elements from view, and also assign passwords to files that require restricted access.


Product Sheet:

In Plytix PIM, a product sheet serves as a PDF template. Clients can utilize them to generate price sheets, line sheets, product catalogs, and sell sheets. Clients can then use these downloaded documents to present their products in diverse formats. It allows quick share of product information with new partners and retailers. Clients can customize their templates in the product sheet and can make them look Brand compatible. 



  1. It is a cloud based solution which allows clients team members to work from anywhere on the internet.
  2. Clients can utilize different administrator levels to grant team members access to work on various hierarchical levels.


  1. It provides only shared workspace not private workspace.
  2. It might perplex clients if they try to upload very complex data.



It is a cloud based product information software that allows clients to easily manage their data. And also export it to various e-commerce stores to provide product information. It is suitable for small and medium businesses for its cost.



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