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Posist Restaurant POS

Posist is a cloud-based platform that helps restaurants to automate operations and increase scale and reliability. These are some of its features:-

  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Inventory Management
  • Table Management
  • Takeout & Delivery
  • Analytics


Posist is a cloud based business for business (B4B) platform that provides clients with a digital restaurant point of sale system that can be used by them to better manage their restaurant allowing them to work more efficiently. It was founded in 2012 by Sakshi Tulsian and Ashish Tulsian in Delhi, India. IT is trusted by companies like Taco Bell, Bread talk, Zuma, Subway, Nandos, Herfy, Belgian Waffle, Jamie’s Italian, Etc. 


Front Of House:

Posist restaurant point of sale systems help clients to automate their restaurant process. Allowing them to give better services to their customers. It can accept payment in various forms like mobile wallet, credit card, and cash. Allowing customers to pay the way they are comfortable with. Posist restaurant system is based on an omnichannel system. It allows clients to take orders from multiple online apps in the single dashboard. Which  clients can use to better manage their customers order giving customers better experiences. Clients can track orders from different online ordering apps in the single dashboard and also track their employees who deliver orders. Posist POS systems support multiple languages and clients can use the language that they and their employees are comfortable with. Clients can also track the orders from their pos system allowing them to see which dish is most popular using the inbuilt analytic system of the Posist POS system.

Contactless Dining:-

Posist offers contactless ordering services that customers can use by scanning a QR code placed on the table. Customers scan the QR code, which generates the menu after requesting their name and mobile number. After customers place an order and make payment. The client’s kitchen automatically receives the order. The server serves the dish directly to the table from which the customers placed the order, after confirming the order. Customers can even place orders when they are offline allowing them to experience better services. Clients can edit the QR menu from the central dashboard at any time allowing them to have full control over the restaurant menu. Posist POS can collect the customers data which allows them to spend less time on the details next time they come to visit the restaurant or order from it. 

Posist provides server apps that clients’ employees can use to take orders from customers and directly send them to the back kitchen, thereby saving time and increasing their efficiency. It increases the speed of taking orders from the customers and allows them to pay the bill using various payment methods, Posist also provides the function of bill split according to total amount or according to the dish served. Using Posist analytic software, clients can see the report of each server and also see the amount of bills generated from the restaurant which can tell the clients about the productivity of the restaurant.  


Back Of House:

For any restaurant inventory management is a very important part of the day because any mistake in it can lead to closing of the restaurant for the day or not being able to make the dishes that are popular with customers. Posist restaurant point of sale machines allow clients to manage their inventory from anywhere with just internet browsers allowing them to have better control on their inventory in real time. With Posist analytic clients can determine the daily stock-in and stock-out allowing them to have general idea of average number of stock required by the restaurant.


Posist inventory management allows clients to set the alerts for the inventory stock so that clients can buy the products on time without affecting the restaurant’s order. For perishables stock clients can also set alerts allowing them to find out in time which items are going to go bad so that clients can take measure before items perish which can greatly reduce the amount of wastage reducing the procurement cost of clients. 


Kitchen Management:-

Clients can also manage their recipes from the Posist dashboard. Allowing them to give consistent taste performance in their different restaurants. Clients can use it to control food costs and manage portion control, thus avoiding food wastage. They can track food wastage in their stores, enabling them to find recipes that generate the least leftovers. Clients can also utilize Posist’s built-in analytics system to predict sales across different stores. It helps them anticipate supply needs throughout the day. This ensures that clients are consistently well-stocked and don’t lose orders from customers due to inventory issues.


Posist kitchen display system is an important part of the back of house. It allows servers to directly send the orders they received into the display system. Allowing them to save time and remove confusion from ordering. Clients can use kitchen display systems to maintain order consistency by utilizing the recipes recorded in the Posist system.



  1. It has a user-friendly interface.


  1. It needs to provide various templates for menu, reports, etc. So that clients can make reports in the way they want from templates rather than building it from scratch.



Clients can use Posist Restaurant Point of Sale system, a cloud-based restaurant management system. To manage their restaurant operations, handle online orders, and accept payments from various popular payment systems. This system is suitable for all restaurants that require such services.



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