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PowerReviews is a reviews management platform that provides clients with services to collect and manage their various types of reviews for their products. Its features are:-

  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Product Sampling
  • Social Curation
  • UGC Syndication
  • UGC Analytics
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PowerReviews is a User Generated Content platform that provides clients with the ability to collect, display and analyze various User Generated Content on their e-commerces websites .  It allows clients to conveniently collect the reviews for the customers allowing them to express the views they have on any products they buy from clients websites, customers can express their views in writing, Images or videos at their discretion. Andy Chen and Robert Chea founded PowerReviews in 2005 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Companies like ACE Hardware, Bonobos, Calvin Klein, Old Navy, Timberland, Boden, and others trust it.


Ratings & Reviews:

Nowadays, customers place more trust in fellow customers rather than the brand itself or what the brand states on its products. This is because brands have been known to overstate customer trust. Customers now check the rating of the products given to it by other customers that have bought the products to find about the products. Clients can use the reviews provided by customers who have bought their products for publicity allowing more customers to see the products and build their trust in the products. As more and more customers buy the products and leave their reviews on the products it allows products to enter the prosper cycle.



Clients can design a rating form that customers can utilize to provide reviews of their products. Clients have the flexibility to configure the form to gather information about product defects, advantages, reasons for purchase, and more. This enables clients to collect a substantial number of rating forms, facilitating the analysis of the reasons why a product is sought after by customers or why it is not well-received.



Ratings are only one part of the process to make a better impact. Clients need Reviews written by customers that have bought the clients products. It would enhance the experience if customers submit reviews in the format of images or videos showcasing their use of the products, whether in various settings or during product usage. Clients can allow their customers to upload photos or videos from any device that they feel suitable and they can even upload photos or videos after writing the review. Clients can utilize the various templates provided to generate a user-generated content display dashboard that enables customers to observe different scenarios in which clients’ products can be used. This provides customers with a guarantee of the product’s authenticity.


Review Collection Acceleration:

When clients launch new products, they can choose their regular customers to receive the product for free, allowing them to try it and leave their comments on the product page. Clients can collect user-generated content from customers and display it to other potential customers who visit the product page after the clients’ publicity efforts. This helps build trust in the product as potential customers can see various reviews and ratings.

Clients can also utilize product sampling to gather reviews of products that they have previously modified to improve, especially if those products had received low ratings. Gathering reviews of new products helps clients gain a better understanding of their products.

Clients can also make product sampling as a product test allowing them to complete two goals at the same time and as the users are customers they can give better insight on their need for the products.



Clients can use PowerReviews to gather reviews from their past customers. It enable them to accumulate a large number of reviews when they initiate their review collection process.


UGC Syndication:

UGC Syndication allows clients to synchronize the large amount of reviews and ratings. Talking about the products that clients are selling on their e-commerces websites to various retails stores. Allowing them to show their customers who come to retail stores various reviews and ratings clients products have received from various customers. Clients can also obtain reviews and ratings from their various social media accounts. And also from customers who have tagged their products.



UGC Analytics:

Analytics is very important as it provides clients with all the reports that they need to make right decisions. With UGC analytics clients can ensure that they can collect the customer reaction of different user generated content. Allowing them to have large data reports from which they can see what their customers like. So that clients can push those content towards customers to increase the conversions.  



Clients can also know about their competitors products performance from various websites reviews and rating. Allowing them to make targeted precautions allowing clients to be one step ahead of their competitors.



  1. It provides a centralized platform for reviews and ratings of clients’ products. 


  1. It is a complex software that takes time to learn.



PowerReviews is a reviews and rating management software that allows clients to manage their reviews more effectively. It also provides clients with help in collection of reviews from their customers. Clients in need of such services can use it.



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