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Printful provides clients with a way to provide customized printable products to their customers. It prints and ships the product directly to client customers. Its features: 

  • Mockup Generators
  • Print-on-Demand
  • Branding and White-label Printing
  • Logo Maker
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Printful is a Software-as-a-Services that provides Custom Printing/Embroidery Services to businesses allowing them to sell customized and personalized products to their customers. Customers can provide any type of design that they want allowing clients to provide truly customized services. It was founded in  2013 by Davis Siksnans and Lauris Liberts in Riga, Latvia, a small European country but its headquarter is in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States now.


E-commerce platform & online marketplace:

Printful Custom Printing/Embroidery Services provides a large number of choices that can be used by clients to create the best online store for themselves allowing them to start selling quickly. Clients can use printful to customize various products like T-shirts, Bags, handkerchiefs, Cups, water bottles, Hats, Footwear, Posters & Canvas, stationery, etc. Clients can decide whether they want to open their store in online marketplaces or they want to open their e-commerce platform. Printful supports many types of integration software that allow clients to sell their products in many e-commerce platforms or clients can use Printful API to create an e-commerce platform integration to use in their e-commerce platform. 


Branding Options:

Printful provides white label products to their Clients allowing them to Brand these products and sell it to their customers as their Brand products allowing them to have Brand recognition of customers. Clients can ask to print their logo in different places of the products also in different styles like printing or embroidery. Printful also provides clients with the option of making brand style packaging increasing the Brand Awareness of the customers. At the time of packaging if clients want then printful can also add flyers, business cards, or any other thing that clients want to add. Clients have the option to customize packaging slips, which enables them to provide branded experiences to their customers and enhance their customers’ brand recognition.



Printful enables tracking of products scheduled for delivery to customers, granting them the ability to monitor their package’s advancement. It has the capability to dispatch direct tracking links to customers within Shopify, WooCommerce, Wix, or Squarespace stores. However, if a different platform is employed, clients must independently send tracking links to customers.

Clients can order custom packaging for their products giving customers a first impression of your Brands. Users can choose any design and color that they think fits their Brand. It give customers a stand-out brand experience increasing customer loyalty in Brand. Clients can customize their pack-in slips to be business cards, flyers, coupons, Brand stickers, postcards, etc.  Anything that can bring customers attention to brand and increase their unpackaging experiences. For new businesses, Printful offers support with logo makers that enable them to create their brand logos using templates provided within the logo maker tool.




Printful offers Print-on-Demand order fulfillment, which clients can utilize to offer customized services to their customers. Customers exercise the freedom to submit their preferred designs for printing on their orders. Printful can produce these designs in a range of formats and types. Printful assures the provision of dependable, high-quality products that clients can leverage to initiate their own brands. Clients can stock up their fast selling products in the fulfillment center. Allowing fast shipping of products to customers as soon they order.



Social Commerce:      

Clients can utilize Printful to market their products on social media websites. Thus gaining access to larger audiences for their product promotion. Customers can see the products they want on their social media account giving clients larger audience traffic. By selling on social media clients give customer satisfaction by the product where they see it and don’t have to go to any e-commerce platform to complete the transition allowing clients to have better product fulfillment rate.



  1. Its custom product can be used by any clients to transform it into a brand product. 


  1. They don’t take full responsibility for delivering errors due to Courier.



Printful is an on demand print website that can print various designs of products for their customers in various types of products. It allows clients to have better style products and provide customers with personalization services. Organizations seeking customized products for their events can also utilize it for any event they wish to organize.



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