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Revel Systems

Revel is an iPad based Point-Of-Sales system that provides clients with all the functions required by them to manage their stores. Its features:

  • Employee Management
  • Kitchen Management
  • Enterprise Management
  • Product Management & Menu Building
  • Cash Management


Revel Systems was founded in 2010 by Lisa Falzone and Christopher Ciabarra. Its headquarter is in Atlanta, United States. Revel System is an iPad-based point-of-sales system that provides clients with all-around services for their shop from point-of-sales services. It allows the clients to fully manage their shops even if they are in different locations from each other. It is used by companies such as Maple Street, Fat Brands, Buff City Soap, The Halal Guys, etc.


Quick Service POS System:


QSR POS Software:

Revel System Dashboard allows clients to make or modify their menu down to customization of images and descriptions to fit their restaurant and we can also add extra services according to customer’s requirements allowing them to choose what they want to add or remove from their order. Its dashboard allows the clients to update the menu of one restaurant or update the menu of another as well. 

Revel dashboard allows the clients to manage their inventory of single or multiple restaurants from a single dashboard allowing you to have a clear picture of inventory in a different restaurant in real-time. So that clients can stock the goods required by them in sufficient quantities. Allowing their restaurant to have all the ingredients needed to make delicacies meals for their customers.

Revel POS system has a feature to allow the taking of payment during the internet shutdown or power failure by making the queue, allowing the POS system to store these data and process them when the internet is back online. So Clients do not have to worry about internet failure will have any effect on your restaurant.


QSR POS Hardware: 

In the Revel System, the hardware required by clients is provided by the Revel system. They also provide a Customer Display System which increases the order-taking process visibility allowing the customer to have a full view of their order. It also allows taking customer signatures, taking part in loyalty programs, Paying tips, and other CRM data for faster checkout.   


QSR POS Features:

Employee Management software of the Revel system allows them to provide clients with all the things needed. Its employee management software allows clients to manage their workforce from its dashboard. It allows the client to manage employee scheduling, payroll, work hours, and manage the workforce in local labor law compliance.

Form Revel Dashboard clients can fully utilize the dashboard to provide real-time needs for Revel clients. 


QSR POS Payments: 

Revel POS Payment system allows clients to receive any type of payment from different sources into their account without any hassle. It provides low-interest processing fees to clients along with flexibility to take all kinds of payments without any problem.

Retail POS System:


Retail Point of Sale Software:

Revel System provides a complete set of solutions for POS systems allowing clients to have full control of their shops through the Revel dashboard. It provides real-time information about your store in the dashboard allowing clients to manage their store from the dashboard. 

Its CRM allows clients to integrate CRM software with the Revel system allowing clients to provide personalized services to their customers increasing their loyalty and frequency of shopping with the store.

Its flexible sales platform allows it to receive payment from almost all types of payment methods. It is PCI and EMV compliant and supports all types of cards and online mobile payment apps are also accepted by the Revel system.  


Retail POS Hardware:

Revel provides clients with all the necessary hardware to facilitate a quick startup. It utilizes iPads for processing data on behalf of clients. The iPad stand features an elegant design that serves as both a customer-facing display stand, equipped with a designated space for the iPad used by employees to fulfill orders. Additionally, it includes a customer-facing iPad mini for customers to review their order details and make payments, complete with a digital signature feature.

Furthermore, Revel offers a hand-held mobile POS terminal that is linked to the backend system. Employees can utilize this terminal to take orders and accept payments from customers.


Retail POS Payments and Services: 

The Revel System platform operates as an iPad-based POS service, making it accessible to anyone proficient in operating an iPad. It provides clients and employees training to quickly master the operation of the Revel system allowing the store to get functional quickly.

The Revel System dashboard furnishes clients with real-time store data, enabling them to visualize the necessary aspects for achieving higher operational efficiency. It also contains employee management interference from which we can schedule employees’ work time and payrolls and keep a record of their work according to local labor law compliance. 

The Revel payment system allows quick processing for their store checkout. Its online payment system with integration allows clients to make quick processing for their online orders with all types of payment systems customers can quickly complete their payment processes.        


Restaurant POS Systems:


Restaurant POS Software:

Revel System offers an exceptional restaurant POS system equipped with a range of functions that restaurants utilize to enhance their profitability. It features a floor and table management system that involves entering the restaurant’s dimensions. The system then generates diverse seating plans based on the client’s specifications. These plans can be directly employed or customized further to align with the client’s preferences.

Due to real-time monitoring of data provided in revel dashboards, we can check which tables have high value by low turnover speed, allowing us to adjust servers according to the density of people providing customers with high-quality services.  

Revel system also allows providing a tableside ordering system from which customers can order their food which will be in sync with the backend kitchen that can quickly provide customers the order they require reducing the time of food serving and food waste.



The Revel system comes with its own employee management system that allows the clients to manage their schedules, payrolls, and work hours from an employee management system according to compliance with local labor law. 

Clients can equip their employees with iPad mini with modified covers that can swipe the credit cards and accept payment from different sources. It can also carry a digital menu allowing the customer to choose the dish digitally, it comes with a pop-up for adding options. The system directly sends the order to the backend kitchen, which shortens the order preparation time and minimizes food wastage.



  1. It has a large amount of 3rd party integration software.
  2. It has excellent customer service.


  1. If we don’t change update settings then the software can be updated any time when working.
  2. It enforces a fixed closing time, and any payments made thereafter are carried over to the next day.


The Revel System is an iPad-based POS system that helps clients to manage the front-end and back-end of the business. It also helps in the management of inventory and employees.



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