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Reviews.io is a review collection and e-commerce marketing solution that provides businesses with review collections from customers. Its feature is:-

  • Display reviews
  • Smarter collection
  • Collect Video & UGC
  • Social proof ads
  • Discover more influencers
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Reviews.io is an Review and User Content Management software that provides clients with easy ways to receive and manage their reviews from customers. It furnishes clients’ brands with a range of features to acquire diverse types of reviews, thereby amplifying the conversion of browsers into customers. Callum McKeefery and Nikki Albano founded it in London, England, United Kingdom, in 2010. Brands like MarkHill, Concrete Jungle, LotusCraft, Boxraw, Waterdrop, MAAP, Wave, SweatBlock, Wild Nutrition, and others trust and use it.


Reputation Management:

Public Brands take reputation as more important than paid ads as it allows them to increase their sales even without paid ads. Brand Reputation allows a brand to have a large increase in the sale due to customer’s trust in their brand which they have accumulated with time and good services they have provided all the time. Brands can use reviews.io to redirect their customers to leave their products reviews on well known review websites and platforms. Brands can change the allocation of reviews resources at any time they think is required.



Brand reputation is a long term matter which requires clients to pay attention to these without making mistakes. Any issues related to the brand can undermine its reputation, resulting in an unfavorable impact that is not cost-effective for brands. If the problem is with the local area then the clients need to handle it with care. To increase the Brand reputation in the local area Brand can divert reviews traffic to various small websites that provide information at local level. Both international and local reputation is important for Brands.   


Publish Reviews:

Customers nowadays don’t trust brands as much, they trust the reviews written by other customers more which allow them to see the true face of products. This is due to the fact that there are many products for the same use and some of them might not be useful for customers at all. Reviews.io helps brands collect reviews for their products from customers and publish them with the products which gives browsers and customers more trust in the product resulting in increase in higher conversion rates and increased order value.

Reviews.io provides Brands with the function of SMS reviews collection. Brands send a SMS to customers that have bought their product asking them to write about the product reviews. Customers can write reviews on the same screen and add photos and images into reviews in an easy way. Clients can use both email and SMS reviews requesting a system which allows them to increase the number of reviews they receive as they are some time a customer has not seen an email but he can see the SMS allowing brands to receive more reviews.



Clients can also employ Reviews.io to solicit video reviews from customers. These video reviews, captured by customers in real-life settings, convey authenticity and instill confidence in potential customers or browsers. Video reviews tend to be more persuasive than other types of reviews, as they enable customers to witness the products being used by their peers. This engenders trust that is often not attainable through other review types or the product information and descriptions provided solely by the brand itself.


Google Seller Ratings:

Reviews.io is an official google partner can help clients Brand to have their reviews next to google ads with ratings. Good Sellers rating can help clients increase the SEO and chances of products of clients coming in google search. When a brand’s products are showcased in Google search results. Browsers shopping for the said products will also have access to product ratings and reviews. This has the potential to augment the influx of customers visiting clients’ e-commerce stores with the intention of making purchases. Consequently, this surge in ratings can lead to a reduction in the cost per click for clients.


In-Store Reviews:

Reviews.io provides Brands with the option of taking in-store reviews. Which means that it allows brick and mortar stores to operate the reviews function of reviews.io. Allowing them to take the reviews from the customers visiting your stores. Clients can display these reviews on their websites or other platforms as needed. They can also showcase them to customers who visit their stores, thereby bolstering customers’ confidence in purchasing the products.



  1. It has an easy user interface.
  2. It is easy to use and integrates with various ecommerce platforms.


  1. Invitation letters need to be used up in the same month and can’t be rolled over to next month. 
  2. It would be great if plans can be customized by clients to take what they need and leave what they don’t need.



It serves as a reviews management software applicable to businesses of any kind that sell their products through online stores on the internet. It provides different types of plans from low to high which can satisfy Business owners at all levels.



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