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SaleHoo specializes in global trading between wholesalers and retailers. It helps retailers to connect to various verified wholesalers according to their needs. Some of the tools of a website are :-

  • SaleHoo Directory 
  • SaleHoo Dropship
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SaleHoo Wholesaler Directory & Drop-shipping Solution is an internet based platform that provides clients with trusted Wholesaler directory and drop-shipping services. It allows clients to select verified suppliers from its wholesaler directory worldwide and add products to their online e-commerce stores. New Zealand-born entrepreneurs Simon Slade and Mark Ling established it in 2005 in Christchurch, New Zealand.


Market Research Lab:

SaleHoo offers clients access to an extensive repository of product data, which they can utilize to discover fast-selling items with minimal competition in the markets where the clients sell their products.  Clients can choose high quality products available in various categories to sell in their e-commerce stores. It provides product comparison features to clients who can use it to check the products they want after comparing it with different products based on competition, sell rate, popularity, and average price. It can help clients find the best product to sell at any given time.  


Supplier Directory:

SaleHoo has a global directory of wholesale suppliers and drop-shipping that can be used by clients to select the suppliers that they think fit their needs. Clients can select both domestic and international suppliers for their products while at the same time compare the difference in rates and minimum order value of different suppliers. Clients can also search for suppliers that provide services at no minimum orders helping them to get their store online faster with least cost. SaleHoo Directory comes with filters which allow clients to search suppliers according to criteria that fits their needs. Its dashboard allows clients to track their suppliers from a single dashboard.



Clients possess the capability to directly import products from suppliers using their dashboard. This expedites the process of setting up products from suppliers and enables clients to swiftly commence selling these items to their customers. Additionally, clients can evaluate the product range and quality through customer reviews that are accessible to suppliers. These reviews stem from customers who have purchased the same products from other sellers. Clients can also check that the supplier shipping needs meet their demands as suppliers provide various shipping options.




Dropship catalog:

SaleHoo’s Dropship catalog is crafted by the expert dropship team at SaleHoo and is provided to clients. Clients can use this catalog to find the product they need according to their needs. Clients can use filters to select the type of product category and the products they need from SaleHoo dropship catalog to sell in their e-commerce stores. We curate these products from the latest trending items, focusing on those with high-profit margins. This approach offers clients avenues to enhance their profitability.

Clients can directly search the SaleHoo dropship catalog, utilizing filters to identify products with the highest profit margins. This functionality empowers clients, enabling them to generate significant profits from trending products, regardless of whether the products’ popularity is short-lived or competition becomes more intense over time. SaleHoo dropship experts continuously add products to the catalog allowing the clients to always have some products they can sell for large profits.


Dropship Suppliers:

SaleHoo has a large number of drop-shipping suppliers that provide a large number of different products in various categories. Clients have the option to utilize SaleHoo’s pre-verified dropship suppliers when launching their online stores. This enables them to focus their attention on managing their online businesses without concerns about suppliers. It’s important to highlight that drop-shipping suppliers who are not dependable can disturb critical operations, resulting in financial losses and the erosion of customer trust. Building this trust requires dedicated efforts and time. By leveraging SaleHoo’s pre-verified suppliers, clients can mitigate potential issues such as lost packages, delayed shipping, and inaccurate stock availability, thereby safeguarding their brand reputation. With the help of SaleHoo clients can start their online store directly without contracting suppliers by just importing products from the SaleHoo dashboard.


Pricing Control Tool:

SaleHoo includes a price control tool that empowers clients to automate price adjustments based on the profit margin defined by the clients. This tool serves to prevent profit loss for clients, even in scenarios where dropship suppliers alter their prices. The automation can be applied across the entire product range within the store. This feature allows clients to consistently earn a fixed amount of profit from their online store without the need to frequently modify product prices whenever supplier prices change.



All-in-one Dashboard:

Clients need to thoroughly check numerous details to ensure the proper functionality of their store. With SaleHoo clients can see all the details of their store from a single dashboard. Which allow them to keep tabs on their online store through a single dashboard. Through the SaleHoo dashboard, clients can see the product’s cost, Sales volume, shipping information, supplier ratings and product information. Helping them to have complete control over their online store through a single dashboard.



  1. It provides a large amount of information of verified suppliers allowing clients to do drop-shipping with verified suppliers.


  1. SaleHoo Dropship only works with shopify stores. 



SaleHoo functions as an online platform that extends drop-shipping services to Shopify customers. It also features a SaleHoo directory, which clients can utilize to access a substantial collection of verified suppliers. This platform is particularly beneficial for newcomers to drop-shipping. As it facilitates direct contact with reliable suppliers, mitigating concerns related to potential fraudulent activities.



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