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Sales Layer PIM

Sales Layer PIM is a cloud-based product information management that can be used by clients to collect consolidated product data from multiple sources like software and documents. Its features are:-

  • Analytics
  • Instant Catalogs
  • Multi-channel
  • Single Dashboard


Sales Layer PIM is a Product Information Management system provides clients with the help to collect and manage all their products data in a single dashboard and help them automate repetitive tasks. It was founded in 2013 by Álvaro Verdoy and Iban Borràs in Spain.


Instant Catalog:

Product Information Management systems allow clients to create product catalogs allowing them to manage their products data in a centralized way. Clients can upload their spreadsheet containing various products information to the product information management system allowing them to create their products catalogs. Sales Layer supports uploading of multiple spreadsheets allowing clients to upload their spreadsheet in a single time. Sales Layer Supports more than 150 languages around the world with automatic translation, it also supports variants like British or American English. 



Clients can customize the products catalog of their products under different categories according to their needs. Clients can select the data field that they want to expand or add to their products catalog now. Users can also share the business product catalog with different merchants or sales executives, enabling them to showcase its full potential. Clients team members, supports each other allowing them to support collaborators and partners and at the same time provides them with digital catalog. Clients’ team members can use Sales Layer to independently create and manage their product catalogs, which can be upgraded or adjusted in case of an emergency.


Product Hub:

Sales Layer product hub is a function of sales layer that allows clients to manage their products catalogs in a single dashboard. Sales Layer supports the import of files of any format allowing clients to have flexibility in adapting to any type of data sources. Clients can also synchronize the products catalogs with other places allowing the smooth export of various files. Clients can upload various files on the sales layer allowing them to use it like a digital assets management system where clients can upload their files and share it with their teams, partners or collaborators.  



Sales Layer allows clients to give different access permission to different team members according to their roles allowing them to perform their work better. Different levels of permission allows team members to be responsible for their work and they can collaborate with other teams when needed. Clients can create a product workflow that allows clients to optimize content and data management for their team members allowing supervisors to have better control of their team members. Sales Layers keep all the editing history in the Product management system allowing clients to have better control over their Sales Layer cloud. Clients can have full control over their Sales Layer cloud account, allowing them to see which team members have made changes and whether these changes are permitted. Clients can also recover the changed or lost data for Sales Layer.   



Sales Layer offers clients a powerful search function that enables them to find things faster and easier. Clients can use this feature to match specific results by setting formulas with multiple strings and values. Additionally, clients can convert their data into Excel mode to better understand it. They can also select which data column is used to display each product.



Clients can use the analytics as an important part of the system to gather big data into useful analytic reports, enabling them to see the data they want. Sales Layers allow clients to control the quality of the products allowing them to control all the information regarding their products by which they can find if there is any missing data or information regarding the products, if there’s then clients need to check and see what is missing. Clients can keep their product information up-to-date by collecting various information and not allowing products to go on sale till they have all the information.



Business can add all the data for a product allowing them to find the product’s quality using various data. Clients can find all e products who have data missing then use it to provide all the data required to improve the quality score for the clients products. With Sales Layer quality reports clients can see which products are going better with the overview of data with edit history. Clients can track all the changes made in the Product information system and can also give permission to edit comments on various works of their team members. Sales Layer always send accurate and latest data regarding the products to various sales channels, marketplace and procurement channels.   



  1. Allow clients to gather all the products data in a single palace and send it to various vendors anywhere in the world.


  1. It has a learning curve which means it takes time to learn the software completely.



Sales Layer is a cloud-based product information management software that clients can also use as digital asset management software. It enables clients to collect all their product data in a single dashboard, giving them better control over their product data. It is good for small and medium size businesses.



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