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Salsify is a product experiences management platform that can be used by clients to provide customers with product experiences that they want allowing them to better serve their customers. Its features are:-

  • Centralize
  • Connect
  • Automate
  • Drive Growth


Salsify is a product experiences management platform that can be used by clients to provide customers with product experiences that they want allowing them to better serve their customers. Jeremy Redburn, Rob Gonzalez, and Jason Purcell founded it in 2011 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Companies like Mars, L’Oreal, Coca-Cola, Bosch, and GSK trust the platform.



Salsify believes that all the data of clients should be in a single dashboard allowing clients to find the data they require when needed easily. Salsify can collect data through spreadsheet or various other software that stores clients data, it allows all the data of clients to gather at the same places which makes omnidirectional marketing possible. Clients can use Salsify to gather all the data of their products such as logistics data, different variants, Brand content, images, videos, inventory, pricing, etc allowing them to build better product strategy allowing them to get better product sales performance. All the collected data allow clients to have consistent presences across different channels that they have.

Salsify product information management system allows clients to manage the different products through it. It allows clients to share the products information to different channels but these information can be monitored and traced by clients in Salsify product information management system allowing them to have better product performance. Salsify can create different versions of product information that clients can use on various channels, enabling them to produce unique product information. Clients can adapt their product information management system to allow them make new changes in the data of the products.

Salsify is a cloud based software that can use cloud storage for the clients data allowing them not to worry about data theft and it is updated regularly. Salsify provides a unified product information manager allowing clients to directly manage and publish product experiences in a single unified manner.



Salsify can send all the data to e-commerce websites or supplier chains, enabling clients to streamline all the necessary steps.


Clients can send all the data with the global network of salsify to any place. Salsify requires clients to keep their data in the original files. Clients can create various versions of the data in the products information management using various formulas meeting the partners requirements or to meet local conditions. Due to synchronization between the channels it allows clients to receive the latest requirements form their partners in real-time. Allowing them to fulfill the new requirements of their partners.

Salsify can synchronization between the channels. It allow clients to make sure the content adheres to retail requirements by using its automatic validation and feedback. Salsify’s product page auditing can verify the implementation of changes requested by partners. It provide clients with a deeper understanding of their products on partners’ websites. Clients can use Product information management to get the updated products and create engaging and accurate products pages. Clients can use Products information management system to create layout in bulk for multiple products and channels.



  1. It allows clients to create automated workflows.


  1. Its user interface is complex and requires time to learn.



Salsify is an products experiences management platform. It allows clients to give better experiences to customers and reduce workload using various automation. It is very suitable for medium and large enterprises.



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