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Searchspring is software-as-a-service that helps clients to merchandise and personalize their products to sell them to customers. Some of its functions are as follows:-

  • Reporting and Insights
  • Site Search
  • Merchandising
  • Personalization
  • Integration
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Searchspring  is an e-commerces merchandising, personalization and site navigation platform that allows clients to provide customers with better services in their e-commerces websites. Gareth Dismore founded it in 2007 in Colorado Springs. Companies such as Skims, Puravida Bracelets, Chubbies, Moen, Fabletics, among others, place their trust in it.


Site Search:

Searchspring provides site navigation for the clients websites. It utilizes artificial intelligence for search navigation, which can enhance the search efficiency of the search bar as it accumulates a substantial amount of data. Consequently, its performance improves over time. Its autocomplete function allows customers to start typing in the search bar and the search bar will provide some search ideas that go with the search the customer is doing. Searchspring comes with a function of strict search and loose search that can be used by clients to give their customers best shopping experiences.

When customers start searching for any products that they want from the site search bar there are times when the search result is not available. It shows no result in search bar giving the customers bad impression and customers experiences on the website. To avoid this from happening Searchspring provides a loose search function. It will provide customers with the results that have any one of the keywords entered in the search bar. It allows sites not to give customers with the zero search result answer. 

Searchspring will provide customers with clients best products when searching for those types of products. It will provide customers with the most searched item in the search list allowing customers to find the clients best products easily allowing clients to boost sales. It has the ability to recognize various measurement systems, and customers can input measurements in any format. The system will automatically interpret the measurements based on the specific product customers are seeking.

With Searchspring’s popular search feature, clients can showcase trending products to customers who are searching within their catalogs. Searchspring Semantic Search takes apart the search quarry and finds which is the search item and which is the attribute of the items. It comes with a spelling correction function that provides clients with correct spelling for the items they are trying to search. Searchspring comes with typeahead suggestions that can be used by customers to complete type the word they are trying to search. 


Product Merchandising:

Product Merchandising is an important part of any online e-commerce stores or websites. It allows clients to showcase their products to the customers allowing them to have better shopping experiences. It also boost sales of clients. In today’s era, businesses cater to shoppers from all around the world. Searchspring utilize geo-merchandising to offer improved shopping experiences to diverse customers. It can provide customers with targeted products and search results allowing customers to find what they are looking for very quickly and easily. It can also be used to provide customers with targeted seasonal products according to their location. Searchspring comes with a boost rule that allows clients to put up their products according to their needs and trending sales instead of allowing any ecommerce software to do so. It provides custom filters to customers allowing them to choose what to add in their filter for choosing products.

Clients can use Searchspring inline banners to allow them to promote their trending products to customers. They  use customers location, past buying and other conditions to find what products are more suitable for the particular customers. It give them targeted advertising allowing customers to buy the products they want and with it clients can give more customers targeted ads allowing clients to increase their conversion. Clients face the challenge of shifting trends in products over time if they don’t update them.

Searchspring offers a solution by providing the option to pin products at the top of the page. It ensure products visibility to incoming customers. This approach can enhance conversion rates for clients, as they strategically place on-sale or trending products at the forefront. Clients can remove any products they don’t want to appear on the search bar allowing clients to add them when they are ready for the said products. 


Ecommerce Personalization:

Ecommerce personalization allows clients to better recommend the products to customers. It allow customers to have better shopping experiences and increase the website conversion speed. Clients can employ cross-sell recommendations to promote products that complement the items customers have added to their carts or are currently viewing on the website. This approach enables clients to offer various related products to their customers. Moreover, clients have the capability to omit products that are out of stock or considered irrelevant from appearing to customers. Moreover, clients can suggest similar products to customers based on their current preferences. It provide them with a wide array of choices to enhance customer satisfaction.



  1. It has a good user interface.


  1. If clients want to create a banner then he has to create one for every different category.



Searchspring is a ecommerce merchandising, personalization and site navigation software. It allows clients to better provide various services to their customers. Searchspring functions as a beneficial software that leans towards Shopify. It can be used as a beta testing ground before introducing new features to other platforms. It is particularly good for any type of business except startups with low budgets.



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