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ShipRocket is a one-stop logistic service that is integrated with many couriers to help users to ship in bulk or single products. These are some of its functions:-

  • Order Management
  • Global Shipping
  •  No Monthly/Setup Fee
  • Maximum Insurance Cover
  • User Centric Mobile Application
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Shiprocket is a shipping management platform company that was founded in 2017 by Akshay Ghulati, Gautam Kapoor, Saahil Goel, and Vishesh Khurana in New Delhi, India. It is trusted by Brands like Body Care, Gillette, Nappa Dori, Relaxo, MamaEarth, etc.


E-commerce Shipping:

Shiprocket is a shipping company that provides businesses a platform to connect with various courier services and provide various services needed by businesses for their online or delivery business. Shiprocket has collaborated with various courier services to allow clients to have multiple choices of courier from which they can select the one that best fit their requirement for the specific delivery.



Its shipping rate calculator allows clients to check the rates of various destinations with different package weights and different courier services allowing the clients to reduce their cost of shipping to their customers.

Shiprocket Order management function allows clients to process all their orders from various e-commerce platforms into one place to process these orders in an automated format allowing them to have more time on promoting their business. It allows clients to create, process, and track your order with a single function.



Labels printed on the courier require the clients to print information of the customer like name, address, Pin code, order detail, and tracking number, and clients can also modify the printing label to reflect their Brand image. Clients also need to add their information like an address, and contact number. Shiprocket insurance systems allow the client to have their package insured for damage and theft during the delivery process. It claims to provide clients with maximum insurance. 


Shiprocket Functionalities:

Shiprocket dashboard gives clients much functionality. It will have an overview of the orders, total shipment count, and shipment status sent by the clients through Shiprocket. It can also calculate the payment received by clients in a day, week, month, and year. Its function is to provide the average shipping cost of the last 30 days. Its Not-Delivery Report (NDR) allows the clients to track their NDR packages, clients can ask couriers to Return To the Origin (RTO) the packages or reattempt the package delivery. 

Shiprocket offers Cash-On-Delivery (COD) as a delivery option, enabling clients to accept cash payments for their orders. The Shiprocket dashboard provides clients with visibility into shipments categorized by various couriers. Furthermore, clients can track the status of their shipments and deliveries through the shipment categorization feature.

Shiprocket allows clients to have Multiple Pickup Locations and the order can be picked from all locations to allow clients to choose the nearest location to the customer for pickup which can reduce the delivery cost of clients which increase their revenue. Shiprocket has a dedicated panel for billing and weight Reconciliation allowing clients to have complete understanding of its shipments. Merchant Log allows clients to track their actions in the dashboard allowing them to understand what they have done and what needs to be done.


Inventory Management:  

Shiprocket inventory management systems allow the clients to integrate different channels into the Shiprocket dashboard from which clients can manage their inventory in different channels from a single dashboard. Clients can track their inventory from the dashboard and sync it in real-time with channels which will allow the customers to know about the stock left for any products. It will allow clients to stop sales in time so as not to sell goods that are already out of stock and are not available.

Shiprocket allows clients to see their inventory from any mobile device. Clients can open Shiprocket dashboard from any mobile devices and work from any place if there is internet access. To update inventory for new stock we can directly import files with its data and update the inventory.  


Automate Shipping:

Shipstation has a Courier Recommendation Engine that allows clients to choose their courier services based on best rated, cheapest, fastest and clients preferred courier. Parameters for determining the “best rated” encompass various delivery performance aspects. This includes assessing which courier offers the fastest normal delivery, which one excels in pick-up performance by collecting packages earliest from the client’s warehouse, and which courier experiences the lowest number of undelivered or returned packages due to non-delivery. Additionally, the speed at which couriers remit cash-on-delivery to clients is also a factor. When these factors are amalgamated, the Courier Recommendation Engine can provide a suitable and well-informed suggestion.



Shipstation offers integration with numerous e-commerce channels, enabling clients to directly import shipment details from these channels. Clients can use this integration to create labels for the packages that require delivery.

Shiprocket takes into account NDR (Non-Delivery Report) scenarios, providing clients with immediate notification if their order remains undelivered. In such cases, Shiprocket initiates actions to reach out to customers via email and SMS. Additionally, Shiprocket will make efforts to reattempt the delivery of the package to the customers.



  1. It has a simple dashboard that allows new users to get to work quickly.


  1. It does not send proper monthly reconciliation statements for COD deliveries.



Shiprocket is a shipping management software that helps clients to have their packages delivered to customers. It can integrate into different e-commerce channels allowing clients to manage all their work from the same dashboard.




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