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ShipStation is a Software-as-a-Service that provides clients with a way to manage their shipping needs. Its features:

  • Order Management
  • Inventory management
  • E-commerce integrations
  • Quick rate comparison
  • Shipment reports


ShipStation Streamlining Shipping for Businesses Worldwide is a web-based shipping company that helps businesses to streamline their shipping needs. Byron Wier and Jason Hodges founded it in 2011, with its headquarters located in Austin, Texas, United States. Subsequently, it was acquired by Stamps.com. Companies like Shopfiy, Amazon, Alibaba, UPS, DHL, eBay, etc use the services of ShipStation. ShipStation allows integration of 3rd party apps allowing clients to have all the options needed for their business in shipping. It also integrates with several e-commerce apps allowing them to import order details from various e-commerce apps into ShipStation.


Order Management:

ShipStation is a shipping Order management software helps e-commerce companies to ship their orders to any destination required by the sender. It can help clients manage their shipping needs from taking the order and creating shipping labels to delivery of packages to the recipient. Can help e-commerce companies to automate their order acceptance and delivery with ShipStation. 

It has many features which help clients to make it easier for them to use a shipstation with very less worry. Its order combine function allows the clients to combine multiple orders of the same destination into one shipment with one shipping label without changing the integrity of the parcels. It will alert clients when these types of orders are found in their outgoing inventory. It also allows clients to ship single orders from multiple locations. ShipStation allows them to be split into multiple shipments.



ShipStation features an alert function that clients can configure to notify them of important notifications and facilitate timely responses to any changes. With notification clients can be sure to improve their efficiency. Clients can utilize color-coded tags to label various types of products. This practice streamlines the sorting process of packages into distinct categories, thereby enhancing efficiency. ShipStation allows clients to make changes or edit the order details if there is such a requirement by clients.



ShipStation has integrated with many international shipping companies that can help clients to select the best option for themself, reduce transportation expenses and increase customers satisfaction. ShipStation offers discounts from numerous shipping providers, allowing clients to choose and apply these discounts to boost their revenue. It has shipping rate comparison software which can help clients to compare different providers and choose the one they think is suitable for them to use.



It allows clients to make personalized tracking pages for their customers on which customers can track their packages while at the same time clients can also customize the email for shipping and delivery purposes.

When it comes to international shipping, numerous challenges need careful handling to ensure a seamless process. By leveraging ShipStation, clients can eliminate concerns related to customs declaration forms and international shipping addresses. ShipStation offers these services to clients, alleviating their workload and enabling them to focus more on expanding their business.



Because of shipping a significant number of packages, there are instances when customers might receive incorrect items, leading to dissatisfaction and the potential risk of losing repeat business. ShipStation addresses this concern by enforcing a prerequisite for packages to undergo scanning before labels are printed. This procedural measure ensures that only the designated packages are dispatched, thereby significantly decreasing the likelihood of shipping errors.

Inventory management:   

ShipStation Inventory management system allows clients to manage their inventory from any online device. It can send alerts to clients for various per-set conditions like when the stock is low or if there is an order but clients do not have enough inventory then it will also send alerts to clients to let them know about the solution and deal with it accordingly. 

Clients have the flexibility to allocate stock within their inventory when there’s an order ready for shipment. This preemptive allocation ensures that the goods in inventory remain available and prevents any “out of stock” situations when the time for shipment arrives. On the other hand, if clients find that stock initially reserved for an order is unnecessary, they can opt to deallocate it, returning it to the standard inventory pool.

Clients have the capability to view stock levels on the ShipStation dashboard from various online devices or the mobile app. Clients can achieve this by integrating with third-party solutions or utilizing ShipStation’s inventory management system. This real-time access empowers clients to stay informed about their inventory status. Clients can create shipping labels from their mobile device app even if they are not in a warehouse allowing them to work from any location but still having full control of their stock and shipping information. 



  1. It gathers all the processes into a single place allowing the clients to save time in their shipping process.
  2. It integrates with many e-commerce apps allowing clients to have multiple stores.


  1. Connection to printers is unstable.
  2. Sometimes it disconnects with e-commerce stores if not used for a while.



ShipStation is an excellent software allowing the e-commerce business owners and other businesses in need of shipping to have excellent shipping services with no hassle from their side from placing orders for customers to deliver to them.  




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