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Shopify POS

Shopify POS helps businesses to collect payment from pos machine vehicles connected to Shopify accounts:-

  • Purchase orders
  • Demand forecasting
  • Low stock reports
  • Stock adjustments
  • Detailed inventory reports
  • Attribute sales to staff


Shopify POS is Point Of Sales system allows clients to manage their offline and online services at a single dashboard allowing them to have more time to give their customers better services experiences. It was founded in 2006 by Tobias Lütke and Scott Lake in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. It is trusted by companies like Summer Solace, KOTH, Glossier, Allbirds, Magnolia, etc.



Clients can use the Shopify point of sale system, an omni-channel system, to sell their products on various online platforms and offline. This enables them to offer better services to their customers. Shopify POS system provides various types of hardware products that can be used by clients in their offline store allowing them to manage their both offline and online business from the dashboard. It also furnishes clients with a comprehensive hardware system essential for the seamless operation of their offline retail store. This includes the Retail Kit, which clients use for countertop point sales, POS Go for selling and accepting payments away from the counterpoint, and a tap and chip card reader for accepting various types of debit and credit cards, enabling clients to accept a wide range of payments and provide better services to their customers.




The Shopify point of sale system offers clients comprehensive services they require. It allows clients to effortlessly set up the Shopify POS system and use it wherever they need it. Shopify can accept payment from many payment functions like debit and credit card, cash, mobile payments function allowing customers to choose that payment method that they want. Clients can utilize POS Go to collect payments from anywhere using the handheld POS Go device. Shopify automatically synchronizes all transactions conducted on the Shopify online store or in-store with the integrated Shopify point of sale system. Clients can employ Shopify POS systems to oversee all their sales channels through a unified dashboard and determine the amount they will receive in their payout. Shoipfy also provides clients with reports about their finance, identify trends, etc allowing clients to make better informed decisions. 



Omnichannel :   

Shopify allows integration of different websites allowing them to join the single dashboard on which clients can integrate all the online and offline ecommerce platforms. Clients can use social media software to sell online and let customers get what they want. Customers can buy the products online and ask to pick up at the offline store allowing them to have better control  over their shopping experiences. Customers can shop in offline stores but can ask the staff to parcel the package to where it needs to know. They can also go to offline stores to browse the products and place the orders at an online platform allowing them to deliver the order to their home or friends house. 



Shopify can help clients to review inventory data from all the online ecommerces platforms allowing them to sync the inventory with all the websites in real time. Shopify can arrange all the orders and manage them centrally allowing clients to manage pickup and dropoff more cheaply. Clients can also offer and sell gift cards to both their offline and online customers. It can be considered a promotional activity. Shopify point of sale systems can track customers and create customer profiles. This allow clients to keep all the data about the past purchases and personal preferences. It allows clients to give better and targeted services to  customers.



Staff management:

Shopify point of sales system allows clients to manage their staff from the shopify dashboard. Which allow them to give different staff different permission. Staff can have the right to use shopify different permission according to their level. Clients can create different permission for different roles. It allow staff to be able to use only the permission they have to do the things they do. Clients can give sensitive and important tasks to their manager allowing their employees to complete the work under security. Users can give limited permission to new recruits which can allow them to get familiar with the system that the clients were using. 



Clients can use Shopify to find out the performance of different employees. Which allowing clients to use their best employees to work at peak hours gaining more sales. Or ask them to mentor the other employees. When the new employees have made a performance then clients can give them better salary. Allowing other employees to work hard to get better.



  1. Easy to use user interface


  1. Does not provide integration only APIs which require a pro coder.



Shopify Point of Sales system allows clients to manage their online and offline stores from a single dashboard. Allowing them to have more time to give it to their customers. Shopify provides a large number of functions in their system. Which allow clients to use all the functions if they know how to use them. It is better for medium or large scale clients as it is too costly. And doesn’t provide readymade integration only APIs. 



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