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It is an E-commerces platform that provides clients with a place where they can build their website and market their products worldwide. Its feature are as follows:-

  • Storefront Design Tools
  • Content and order Management
  • Checkout Process
  • Tax Display and Processing
  • Mobile compatibility


Shopify is an Ecommerce platform that provides Merchants or online retailers with a platform that provides them with a suite of services including payments, marketing, customer engagement tools, and shipping. It was founded by Tobias Lütke and Scott Lake in 2006 at Ottawa, Ontario. It is trusted by millions of merchants across more than 170 countries.


Online Store:

 Shopify online store builder is an no-code website builder which helps clients build their websites according to their brand style. It provides a large number of templates for building websites, a large number of apps and integration of shopify can help clients to choose the application that they require to make their online store more complete. It also allows clients to choose and buy their domain name if they require it. With Shopify clients can manage both their domain name and online store from the same place.

From Shopify online store clients can easily manage and grow their business. Shopify dashboard provides a detailed view of clients’ stores which helps clients better manage their sales, inventory and shipping. Its centralized inventory tracker can be synced to client stores that can help clients to manage their inventory more effectively as it is synced in real-time across all channels.   


Sell everywhere:

Shopify allows clients to sell everywhere through it. Clients can connect all of their stores through shopify allowing them to have a single dashboard to watch the working of their stores both online and offline. Shopify provides integration of various social media platforms allowing clients to sell and promote their products in them which can bring clients more customers thereby increasing their revenue. 

Shopify also provides a point-of-sales system for clients’ offline stores allowing them to sync their inventory with online stores which can help them manage their inventory at the same dashboard. It integrates both hardware and software allowing clients to set up their swipe machine or any type of POS machine to take payments from credit or debit cards. It also allows clients to take payments form online mobile payments apps.



Shopify allows clients to accept payments in customers local currency which can increase the localization of online stores making the clients brand more inline with local conditions. Its integrated back office allows clients to gather all the financial data from all the channels into a single dashboard that helps clients to get better insight into their financial data.


Sell Products:-

Shopify provides checkout services to the clients’ customers which can be customized according to their needs. Its fast checkout function allows customers to store their information required for checkout along with a payment system which can complete the checkout process for customers allowing them to make faster and hassle free checkout. Clients can also utilize the Shopify online payment system or other payment apps to enhance the ease of completing payments for customers and expedite the checkout process. This, in turn, will lead to an increase in the customer conversion rate for clients.

With Shopify clients can sell their product to different countries which can increase their business range and market penetration. Shopify provides clients with translation required by them to convert their website into local language. It also provides support for taking payments in local currency which increase the localization of online stores. All the customer tax and other duties are automatically added at checkout allowing clients to complete their work from a single dashboard. 



Clients can integrate the marking software required by them into shopify allowing them to identify their customers and target them with content marketing, targeted ads, on social media platforms, etc. Clients can utilize Shopify Email to access pre-made templates. It can be used to generate content for their email marketing campaigns. This tool enables clients to target customers in a specific manner. Ultimately leading to an increased conversion ratio in email marketing. As a result, clients can achieve maximum profit with minimal costs.

With Shopify Chat, customers who are simply browsing can inquire about any product they come across, receiving all the necessary answers directly. It can convert the customers who are browsing into paying customers allowing clients to increase their profit.

In shopify clients can make unique customer groups allowing them to give targeted market advertising campaigns to targeted customers. Its Marketing dashboard allows clients to track the campaigns across all channels.


Centralized Order Management:

Shopify’s centralized management system allows clients to manage their inventory and order from a single dashboard. Clients can manage their inventory across multiple channels from the same place using centralized management system. It allow them to have detailed understanding of their own inventory. It will them reduce cost by removing deadstock’s and faster turn over. With shopify shipping and fulfillment clients can keep track of their customers’ orders at every step of the way. They can also provide them with notification at every step on the way. It also provides easy and headache free return services to customers which increase customers trust and brand image.



  1. Good back office allows clients to manage their inventory of different channels from the same place.
  2. It is very good for small businesses or startups.


  1. After reaching a limit shopify is not as useful as shopify plus.
  2. The cost can be confusing for some individuals who might find themselves torn between Shopify and Shopify Plus.



Shopify is an online Ecommerce platform that helps clients build and manage their online store. It also has the capability to integrate with offline stores, allowing clients to manage their stores from a single dashboard. It provides a very good base for small and medium retailers to increase their sales and revenue.




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