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Shopper Approved

Shopper Approved is a Reviews collection and marking platform that helps clients by collecting reviews and displaying them in various locations. Features it has:-

  • Traffic & Conversion Stack
  • Seller Ratings
  • Product Reviews
  • Reputation Management
  • Social Networks Monitoring
  • Sentiment Analysis
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Shopper Approved is a review collection platform that helps clients to get more and trusted reviews from their customers which can help Brands to know what their customers think of their Brand and services. Scott Brandley founded it in 2010 in Ogden, Utah, USA. Companies like Namecheap, web.com, beddys, flowers.com, signs.com, and others trust and utilize it.


Seller Ratings:

Shopper Approved collects reviews and ratings from customers about their overall shopping experiences. It uses its unique process to collect reviews and ratings from about ⅓   of all the customers who buy your products. Which is 10X more than clients can collect on their own. The star rating given to merchants by customers which can also be called seller ratings.

Seller ratings hold significance for a company’s success, given their potential display on the client’s website, Google, or other strategic online locations. It displays social proof which establishes the image of a trusted online brand which can increase traffic and sales.

Because numerous online companies, apps, and shopping carts gather reviews, Google only permits selected companies to synchronize their reviews with its platform. These chosen companies provide Google seller ratings, while other companies solely provide seller ratings. Shopper Approved is an official google review partner. 

Clients can display Shopper Approved Google seller ratings on Google, thereby potentially enhancing their Click-Through Rates and concurrently reducing the average Cost-Per-Click. This strategy has the potential to elevate the number of visitors to clients’ websites while minimizing costs. Clients can also show this rating on their ads and websites which can give customers the ability to trust Brands easily. 


Product Reviews:

Shopper Approved collects product reviews from customers which helps to increase more customers as when customers see any product have 4 star 5 star review in google their confidence in brand and product will increase resulting in them buying your products. It additionally aids clients in optimizing organic product search results, potentially leading to increased sales and conversions. When users search for products related to theirs on Google, this optimization can drive more traffic. The improvement of clients’ website SEO occurs through the presence of ample unique content containing relevant keywords and product descriptions. Such content aligns with Google’s page ranking criteria.

Clients benefit from Shopper Approved’s social reviews, as these reviews aid in augmenting their Average Order Value. When customers witness that someone with a favorable rating has purchased a product, it generates confidence in the product’s quality.  This assurance encourages customers to make purchases with confidence. With reviews and rating, customers can make more informed choices resulting in less return of sold and delivered products which can increase the profit in the form of decreasing return parcels. 


Reputation Management:

There are many websites that ask for users to leave comments on the things they have bought from different websites Shopper Approved send the verified customers to these websites and social media sites, it helps clients brand to have better reception than other making more customer to come to buy products from clients which turn increase the number of reviews of various websites increasing the reputation of clients.  

Clients can increase their reputation on various websites where anyone can come and send reviews for brands by Shopper Approved which will bring brands customers who have bought goods from clients website to leave their review on different sites. 


Video Reviews:

Video reviews are better than all types of reviews as customers can see the product and trust the video not to be fake, it can increase the trust of customers and help clients to increase the conversion of browsers into customers and bring them more sales. Clients can add the users generated videos to their youtube website allowing customers to give their voice on your official media platform. It also increases the google search ranking and also shows the product video in top searches. Shopper Approved collects video reviews from customers who leave 4 & 5 star reviews which results in clients to have a lot of good video reviews. Video review can be selected from many videos after the approval of clients. 


Website Security:

Website security holds paramount importance for customers seeking to purchase products from any online store. Customers need to execute online payments via credit or debit cards, or other methods, but their hesitation stems from concerns over their information being stolen and misused, which could result in potential losses. Due to this website who advertise that they provide full security in online transitions have more customers coming than those who don’t advertise it will have fewer customers. Shopper Approved furnishes clients with a robust website security service. Clients can affix the security approval seal beneath the buy button, visible to all customers, thereby boosting clients’ sales.


  1. It is very easy to get reviews from Shopper Approved.
  2. It is very easy to get started with it and using it, and comes with a good user interface.


  1. Customers can only leave a video review after writing a written review there should be an option of allowing them to leave video review directly.
  2. It does not provide manually invites to customers for review.



Shopper Approved is good software as it can help e-commerce clients to increase their customer through reviews and ratings and at the same time increase their SEOs.



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