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Sitejabber is a reviews platform where buyers can write reviews for the product they have bought to tell their thoughts about the product. Features it has:-

  • Customer Feedback
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Review Forms
  • Dashboard
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Sitejabber is an artificial intelligence reviews collection platform that allows clients to collect reviews from their customers which can be shown on their products page allowing more customers to see the value and quality of the products sold by clients. Jeremy Gin, Rodney Gin, and Michael Lai founded it in 2007 in San Francisco, California, USA. Companies like Alibris, Tradesy, SABO, Tire Rack.com, FragranceX, Super Jeweler, and more trust and utilize it.


Review Collection:

Clients gather reviews to provide their customers with the assurance that other customers have used their products and found no faults. This, in turn, encourages other customers to purchase products from clients, thereby contributing to an increase in clients’ revenue. Customers don’t trust the clients about the products that they are selling as there can be some misleading information or misunderstanding that can allow customers to buy the wrong products which leads to customers losing the trust they have in the products. With the Reviews provided by other customers when buying the products from online e-commerce websites customers can buy the products they want with confidence allowing clients to increase their revenue and product turnover.

Sitejabber provides clients with many ways to collect reviews from their customers allowing the clients to get a large number of reviews for their products. Clients can collect reviews from customers by requesting them to share their opinions on product reviews after making a purchase. Alternatively, clients can send customers an email soliciting reviews for the products they’ve bought. This email may contain a secure link for customers to use in writing their product reviews.

Clients can use the widget supporting the websites allowing clients to gather large amounts of reviews on their products from various social media websites for their clients. It also enables clients to attract more customers from diverse social media sites to their online e-commerce websites, thereby contributing to increased revenue generation for the clients.


Video Reviews:

Customers can provide various types of reviews for products, but the most viewed and appreciated type are video reviews. These reviews empower customers to observe how others use the products in real-life scenarios, effectively eliminating doubts and fostering the confidence needed to make purchases from online e-commerce websites. Video Reviews allow clients to better market their products. 


Local Reviews:

For any onsite location in the area that clients have stores in. Clients can ask for reviews for their products from their local customers that won’t interact with the internet. Clients can use Sitejabber which provides them with SMS, tablet, and QR code collection methods. Which allow them to ask their customers to leave reviews for the products that they have bought and used. 


Lead Generation:

Clients can utilize reviews provided by various customers to generate leads when other users visit the reviews page while browsing. When coming to review pages for the client’s products users may want to buy that kinds of products from online e-commerce websites, so when seeing the reviews of products there are high chances that the user will buy those products. This process is referred to as lead generation, enabling clients to display their reviews on Google search ads. Users can then view reviews of different products, enhancing their comprehension of the items they intend to purchase.



  1. It is a Google-certified partner that allows clients’ products to have star ratings in Google searches.


  1. It enables clients to provide incentives to customers for leaving reviews that might not be accepted by certain users.



Sitejabber serves as an artificial intelligence reviews collection and management system. Using it clients can employ to oversee a variety of reviews for their products. It also helps clients to manage their products’ reputations. Any companies interested in such functions can make use of it.



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