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Skype is a telecommunications software that uses Voice over Internet Protocol to provide various communication services to its users. Its features are:-

  • Audio and HD video calling
  • Call recording and Live subtitles
  • Screen sharing
  • Smart messaging
  • Reach those who aren’t on Skype


Skype is a Software-as-a-Services providing Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Services to customers around the world. It was founded by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström in Luxembourg in 2003. Skype Technologies S.A. was acquired by eBay in September 2005 but was later sold to Microsoft in May 2011.

Skype allows free audio calls, video calls, and messaging between Skype users. It has paid features for calling any number, whether landline or mobile, anywhere in the world. It has a special skype number feature that allows you to have a second number, which can give you a chance to choose from more than 25 countries/regions from which you can receive calls at local rates. Skype is good for traveling and business.


Conference Calling and Video Calling:

In Skype, we can host video meetings which are very easy to host and manage.




 On the above picture on the left-hand side, just above recent chat, there are camera symbols with ‘Meet Now’ written on the side, by clicking it, there will be options of either Hosting a meeting or Joining a meeting. To host a meeting, we can just click on host meeting then there will be a small window where you have to add contacts or just send a link given to allow other persons to join. If we want to join the meeting, then we have to ask for a code for the meeting, then we can join.

To make video calls, select the contacts, then there will be a symbol of cammer in the top right-hand side of the window; select it to start video calling. More participants can be added by going to the bottom left-hand side of the window, where there is the option of adding a participant.



Audio Calling and Calls:

In skype, if the users we are calling have skype IDs, then we can just call for free from the upper right corner where there is a symbol of call. We can call any contact we have or any skype users for free from here.  




To make calls to non-skype numbers, in the upper left side there are also symbols of call; after selecting it, there will be an option for a new call just below it. After selecting the new call option, a new window will pop up where we can search in our contacts or use the dial pad to dial the number we need.



Chat and Sending files:



When sending a chat message we need to select the contact we want to send a message to. After selecting contact we can see the right side of the window change. On the bottom, there will be a box for typing a message and on the right side of the box there is an icon for files from which we can share files.



We can also send messages to mobile numbers, by selecting them the right side window will have the option to send SMS.



  1. It provides cross-border calling and chatting with any person we want.
  2. It can furnish local phone numbers from various countries for trade and business purposes that you can utilize on Skype.
  3. Large user base.


  1. Does not support the integration of others software.
  2. It uses a large amount of data for calling and meeting.


Skype is good VoIP software that has a large number of users and has a free registration process and free calling and messaging services between users. We can Pay when we require its services and stop using it when not in need, which can provide large conveniences to small and medium size businesses. 



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